September 29, 2022

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Giro di Italia 2021: Live, Level 20, Egan Bernal – Cycling – Sports

This Saturday takes place amidst the last mountain range of Giro di Italia, Verbania Y Spluga Valley-Alp Mota, 164 km, in which Egan defends Bernal’s leadership.

There are three mountain trails, first of all, last on the finish line.

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There is a leak. About the beginning of the day, cyclists tried to get out and a group was formed: Luis Verwak, Giovanni Viscondi, Felix Croppschனர்ner, Vincenzo Albanese, Tries de Bond, Simon Bellat, Taco van der Horn, Matteo Jorgensen, Nico Dense.

The difference was more than four minutes, but the team covered 23km in the first climb of the day.

Bernal, behind, is guarded by his comrades Aeneas. Bike Echang Departs from the front of the main group and passes DSM From Romaine Barted. This applies to the leader.

They reduce the first mountain gift. DSM imposes a strong rhythm on the group. There are only 34 s in the main group where the pointers are separated.

Damiano Caruso, Second 2 minutes 29 seconds behind Egan, he attacks descent.

Bartett and Caruso reach out to those above. Lots of difference in leader 23s. Enios and the bike exchange impose a strong rhythm behind the hunt.

The difference in lead space increases. The second mountain prize was already over, and Caruso and Bartett had 48 seconds on Bernal’s board. 32 km to the finish.

Jonathan Castrovijo The lead module guides the speed. There is no frustration. Yates runs the bulk. The site is wet and has a dangerous descent. The difference between the pointers in the 44s main group.

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There is a difference. The pointers pass the maximum and do a lot in 42 seconds. Descent comes with a wet base.

To reduce the difference, only 30s from the survivors with the main group. Attack Alexander Vlasov Followed by Castrovizo, Bernal and Yates.

Daniel Martinez,
The stayer comes to give Bernal a hand. The difference of pointers with the lead group is only 36s.

The site will dry out. The last climb of the race is about to begin. 40s difference. The biggest Castrovizo.

8 km from the finish line, 40V difference. The boom is about to begin.

The climb begins. The only difference is the 38s. Caruso and Bardet are still in the lead.

Caruso and Bardet are only 28 seconds ahead, but a lot better and the discount will continue. They are already going up the mountain gift.

Stays Joao Almeida. Tobias Foss, It also yields. They are Egan, Martinez, Vlasov, Yates, Hugh Karthi.

The difference is 33s. 5 km to the finish line. Almeida returned to the main place, which is very small.

Caruso takes the rhythm forward, goes to the bartender wheel, and the Frenchman seeks stage victory. 33V.

There are Vlasov, Karthi and Almeida. 3.7 km to the finish, 24V difference.

Almeida comes to the leader’s place. 22s with pointers. The only difference is 2.7 and 20s for the target.

Caruso lets Bartot go and wins the part and goes for a few seconds. The only difference is the 20s.

Yates stays !!!!

Daniel Martinez stays, and it’s Egan’s turn. Caruso goes for the win and Bernal is more of a leader. Not just tomorrow’s time, 30km.

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See you tomorrow for the last phase !!!!