September 28, 2022

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Giro de Italia 2021: Minute by Minute, Level 14, Egan Bernal – Cycling – Sports

An important stage is taking place in Giro de Italia this Saturday, in which Colombian Egan Bernal, the leader, hopes to get the crucial seconds after the 205km section. Citadel And this Monte Sonkolan.

Suitable for day attacks, for the leader to make more differences or for his competitors to get closer to him in the general classification.

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There was a leak. After several struggles in the first exchange, 11 survivors open the way in search of partial victory.

Andrill Bonomer, John Trotnik, Remy Rochas, Vincenzo Albanese, Lorenzo Fortunado, Jorge Bennett, Eto’o Affini, Nelson Oliveira, Jacobo Mosca y Alessandro Covey They are members of a long day trip.

Lots of leader, Egan Bernal, The team is commanded by the runners Astana, That they should Alexander Vlasov In the second stage of the general classification.

Traveling a distance of 47 km from the finish line, the difference between the leaders of the main group is 5 min 31V.

At this point the regiment is disbanded. In addition, only the general’s main Vlasov and Egan. Louis Leon Sanchez And Isagirre was in charge of determining speed. Then, on the bike exchange, from Simon Yates, They tried to discount. The movement was in descent.

Cardi’s block has reached Bernal, but Evnepol is still behind. 40 km to the finish line.

After handling Astana, Evnepol arrived at the main block trying to dislodge the survivors. At a distance of 18 km from the finish line, the leaders had 6 minutes 19 seconds for the main group.

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The pointers have already begun to climb the zoning. 6 min 25V.

The Trotnik pointer is 10 km from the pest. He gets the hand of Astana and Aeneas team removed from the front. 7 km to the finish line.

Trotnik and Fortunado take the lead. In 38 seconds, Bernal’s team follows them in 5 minutes 04 seconds.

The final part of the stage was covered with fog at a distance of 4 km from the finish. The pointers take 44 seconds to the next place and 4:11 to the main volume. The hardest part about climbing is coming.

Fortuneto frees Trotnik and goes it alone in search of partial victory. 2.2 km to the finish line. Aeneas takes it very fast. Attack

Daniel Martinez Steps into the main space and Evan Peel closes it. Fortunado was approaching stage victory. Belgium stayed.

The boats go to the Bernal mark and they both exit.

Fortunato won the podium and Bernal was going to get more seconds from his rivals.

See you tomorrow at Phase 16.