December 10, 2022

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Gill shines in the intro and the Yankees beat the Orioles

NEW YORK – Louis Gill finished his main league debut with six scoreless innings, Giancarlo Stanton with a home run and four RBIs, and the New York Yankees beat the Baltimore Orioles 13-1 on Tuesday night.

Gill (1-0) started the game in place of star Jared Gol, who entered the disabled list after a positive test for Govt-19 on Monday.

The 23-year-old Dominican made a good impression on his debut. He allowed four singles, hit sixes and walked only one.

“The first thing I asked God to do was give me a lot of strength because I knew I would be nervous,” Gill said. “Luckily he heard my voice and blessed me to take my nerves. I was completely relaxed and I trusted myself.”

After allowing two-out wins in the fourth inning, Gill forced DJ Stewart to hit a fly ball. The Dominican, who started 15-14 in Double-A and Triple-A, retired his three opponents in the fifth inning, then put Austin Hayes on the sidelines with a slider in the outer corner, ending the sixth chapter. There were two riders on board

The Yankees pitcher was only the eighth batsman to score six or more innings when Gill made his major league debut. The previous ones were Slow Joe Doyle (1906), King Brocket (1907), Docs Newer (1907), Pete Wilson (1908), Russ van Atta (1933), Vitto Tamulis (1934) and Sam Militello (1992).

Defeated pitcher Alexander Wells (1-2).

For the Orioles, Mexican Raman Urias 3-1. Venezuela Anthony Santander 2-1. Dominicans Pedro Severino 4-0, Michael Franco 3-1.