August 9, 2022

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Giants trade Darren Rove to the Mets in exchange for JD Davis prospects

Giants trade Darren Rove to the Mets in exchange for JD Davis prospects

SAN FRANCISCO – Darren Rove is on the move again.

The Giants sent their left-footed masher to the New York Mets on Tuesday in exchange for veteran J.D. Davis, left-footed Thomas Zabuki and two potential prospects. Returning young players are left-back Nick Zwak and Carson Seymour, both of whom play ball.

Andy Martino from SNY Report the deal first.

Rove has been a hugely popular player at the Giants club, and he’s crushed lefties since signing with the team in 2020. However, he’s been a bit wrong this season as a daily player, and the Giants will hope to improve their defense for the rest of this season and beyond.

Rove was so successful in the 2021 season that the Giants gave him a two-year contract this spring, but it will now expire with the Mets, who are preparing for the post-season.

Davis, 29, first played third base and named hitter for the Mets this season. Like Rove, he can also play some left field and first base.

Davis had a .683 OPS with four teammates overall with the Mets this season, but he already has a .781 career OPS, and he’s had a strong 2021. He sees some time in third as the Giants wait for the return of Evan Longoria.

Davis should be comfortable in San Francisco, as he is a native of Elk Grove. He will be eligible to arbitrate this winter.

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Szapucki has only made two major league appearances, and has spent most of this year as a starter in Triple-A. The giants have very little depth of rotation in the upper palaces, and it is also possible to see if the leftists can fix the bright hole in their bulls.

Zwack, 24, has a 2.36 ERA in A ball this season with a high strike rate. Seymour, 23, also stacked strikes and has a 2.76 ERA.

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