December 7, 2022

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Gerardo Martino has forgotten Luis Romo and Arbelin Pineta

The Choice of Mexico Both friends are on view for a new European tour to play this late March. In particular, we will see faces with the elect on the 28th and 31st Gales Y Costa Rica. Another round of preparation required for both duties would represent competition Gerardo Martino Aiming to qualify Qatar World Cup.

Both duels will appear in the summoned list Louis Romo Y Orbelin Pineta, Regulations on Tata’s calls. In addition, two footballers Blue Cross They have all the votes to repeat the titles in the 28th against Wales City of Cardiff On British lands.

This concept of the Argentine coach with the cement players came from the past. Both Romo and Orbel were part of all the processes and calls of the former coach FC BarcelonaTherefore, avoiding both generated some interest when Martino was consulted by DRI footballers who were ready to jump into Europe.

Luis Romo and Orbelin in match against Mexico (Imago 7)

Jesus Gallardo, Caesar Montes and Carlos Rodriguez They are (to go to Europe); I believe it Sebastian Cordova If it is not ready, it is almost ready. Magias Maybe yes, I want to see him more with the shirt on Sivas. If the footballer is armed, he has a better chance of being in Europe, because if he’s not, we’ll get him back in the short term. “, Featured in an interview with TUDN.

However, despite this slip of the South American strategist, the two pieces of Cruz Azul are the most valuable in the overseas market. Both the sky-blue ‘Dotocombista’ who were selected as the best player of the month of February Liga M.X.Like Makuyto, they have expressed their desire to settle on the old continent.

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