December 1, 2022

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General Juan Carlos Torres Robio, former head of Chester and other officers of Operation Corral 5G were arrested.

The Ministry of Public Works has stated this Arrest of several active officers of various military organizations, As part of Operation Corel 5G, including three of the General Standards in connection with administrative malpractice.

about this General Juan Carlos Torres Robio of the Dominican Air Force (FAD), Former head of the Special Tourism Security Force (Chestour); General Julio Camilo de los Santos Viola, from the FAD, and General Bonerges Reyes Batista from the Dominican Republic Army.

In addition, the move reaches the ship’s Captain Franklin Antonio Mata Flores, Jose Manuel Rosario Bron, Colonels Carlos Augusto Landigua Cruz and Miguel Ventura Picardo; To do Erasmo Roger Perez Nunes, In the end, Johann L. Rodriguez Jimenez and Caesar Felix Ramos Ovalley.

Coral 5G was created as part of a crackdown on corruption and impunity by the administration of the Ministry of Public Administration, led by Magistrate Miriam German Brito, “the Attorney General’s Office said in a statement.

He explained that the team of lawyers conducted 49 trials in the National District and in the provinces of Santo Domingo, Santiago and La Vega.

The proceedings are being led by Deputy Attorneys Yeni Berenice Reynoso and Wilson Camacho, heads of the Directorate General of Harassment of the Ministry of Public Works and the Office of the Attorney General (Pepca).

soon To an existing judicial file that emerged from the coral operation, And prior to the practical phase of opening with Coral 5G, the Ministry of Public Administration led the National District Permanent Focus Services Judicial Office on May 10 this year to 18 months detention against Major General Adon. Cáceres Silvestre, former director of the Presidential Guard (Cusep), and Rossy Guzmán Sánchez (la Pastora), as well as police corporal Tanner Antonio Flete Guzmán, police colonel Rafael Núñez de Aza and military sergeant Alejandro José Montero Cruz.

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Defendants arrested since the beginning of Operation Corell on Saturday, April 24, 2021, They are incarcerated at the Najo Men’s and Women’s Correctional and Rehabilitation Centers in San Cristobal.

Meanwhile, Ra நீதிமன்றம்l Alejandro Girón Jiménez, who decided to cooperate with the Ministry of Public Works, was ordered by the court to be placed under house arrest for security reasons.

On August 8, the National District First Investigation Court upheld the extent of the coercion on all of the accused. On Friday the 12th, the court returned and affirmed the proceedings, with the exception of Sergeant Montero Cruz, whose appeal is pending before his lawyers.

The criminals’ association has been accused of fraud against the Dominican government, collusion of officials, forgery of public documents, corruption and illegal possession of weapons and money laundering.

The criminal network, which was removed by Operation Corel, carried out its criminal activities in Cusep and Chestur. Essentially, with gross pay. During the investigation, the Ministry of Public Affairs found that Colonel Rafael Nunes de Asa also served as the financial director of the National Council for Children and Adolescents (Conani), although he did not appear in public records, ”PGR highlighted. Release.

The Ministry of Public Works has established during the judicial process that they carried out fraudulent activities to seize a large number of movable and immovable property, luxury vehicles and property in various parts of the Dominican Republic.