Funny or Die Presents: Season One – DVD Review

Funny or Dire Presents Season One

The HBO oddball series Funny or Die Presents has made it to DVD in a two-disc collection of the first season. Definitely not for everyone, Funny or Die has become a bit of a cult favourite with its quirky and odd satire. The 12-episode series was based on the Web-works of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s popular video comedy site (Funny Or Die).

Anyone who stumbled upon the series on TV was probably hooked on the whacked out comedy  and screwball antics – think about a Bugs Bunny cartoon coming to life.

Depending on the length of sketches, episodes can contain one to five sketches in a single show. Some of the cast who appear in choice offerings are John C. Reilly, Chris Parnell, Rachael Harris, Zach Galifianakis, Thomas Lennon, Tim Meadows, David Spade, Ed Helms and Ferrell. Not all the humour is funny, in fact it strikes out at least once nearly every episode, but there’s certainly enough great comedy in this collection to go around.

The shows have a bit of a similar feel to Amazon Women on the Moon, but instead of channel surfing, host Ed Halligan (Steve Tom), introduces the programs and takes us into commercial breaks with the style of a distinguished gentleman and the grace of a giant buffoon.

The DVD offers all twelve episodes and nothing more – no extras, no fancy menus and no sneak peeks – just the series as it aired on HBO. That’s a bit disappointing, because fans of the series who are interested in purchasing the DVD are craving for more. They should have considered putting some of the web clips or even interview some of the players to round out a collection that might have made more sales.

If you know Funny or Die Presents, you’ve probably seen it all already, but if you’re looking for a new brand of comedy, there’s probably something here that’ll give you a good belly laugh.