November 28, 2022

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Frida Sofia with Lucia Montez: Where to look for the day, time and interview after confessions about Enrique Guzman | Celebrities | Alejandra Guzman | Mexico | YouTube | nnda | nnni | People

Young singer Frida Sofia remains in view of the storm even after admitting to the show “First hand” Unwanted touch that he was allegedly victimized by his grandfather Enrique Guzman. Following his statements on April 7, Alejandra Guzman has been given a new opportunity to pursue the issue of re-exposing what is going on within his family. This time it was Lucia Montes who chose her granddaughter as the YouTube and first guest By Sylvia Pinal, When and where to watch the conversation? Will they post it on the internet?

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‘Lucia Montes Presents’ This is the name of the place where she starts a new phase in her art career in Mexico, and that model also talks about what is currently going on in her life.

A preview of the video call conversation sheds light on what he was talking about Frida Sofia With Lucia Mendes. In the video, she assures him that she was not complained of for seeking money, but the world needs to know what she allegedly experienced as a child with her grandfather.

“I hate, yes, asking for money. This is one of the things people do not know about Frida. “, Heard him say that the whole situation he is currently experiencing has almost “collapsed”.

In addition, he called on abusers to report: “Don’t be afraid to tell the truth, because there is another story behind closed doors. I think this will happen to a lot of people, not just me. ”

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For its part, Lucia Montes, 66, He pointed out if he could send a message Alejandra Guzman, I would say: “That life is not bought, that life is not guaranteed, there are mistakes one makes.”.

Where and when to watch the interview?

Through his social networks, the presenter invited his followers to subscribe to his YouTube channel Luciamentestive This interview will be screened on Thursday, April 15, at 2:00 pm in Mexico, thus making his debut as a YouTuber Frida Sofia.

“I just wanted to give you this part of the project where Ifridac tells her all the truth. She is a great woman, very creative and talented.”, Said about the conversation with the granddaughter of Enrique Guzman.

‘Lucia Montes Presents’ It has a magazine program design and its broadcast is weekly and 100% digital. The Mexican person believes that there are different people to talk to on different topics from art, politics, sports and journalism contexts.