December 10, 2022

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Freedom of expression in Miami? With a gun to his temple (+ video)

In recent months, Cuban artists have created a number of video clips with a political theme. The “Desblock”, written by Raவுl Torres, condemns the American siege (1). “Do not get involved”, comedian Virulo, Interruption of the White House on the island (2). But are they interested in the Spanish language, the international press? Zero.

But, from Miami, if they release a song against the Cuban government, yes. We have countless news in newspapers, radio and television and a week full of interviews (3) (4). This is what Yotul Romero called “Patria y Vida” to a meeting of the European Parliament by two right-wing representatives who are arguing that the current EU-Cuba dialogue and cooperation agreement (5) should be scrapped. Romero announced that he would do it – well listen, it’s not a joke – “in the name of all of Cuba” (6).

It was also received at the Spanish Congress (7) and stated that “everything I learned about freedom of expression was in Spain” (8). That same week, Catalan rapper Elgio, 9, was sentenced to six months in prison, and protests continued over the imprisonment of another artist, Pablo Hassel (10). Yoduel Romero gave dozens of interviews: Do you think anyone asked him about this?

“Patria y Vida” is a mixed record marketing and political campaign: some Miami-based Cuban artists seek economic incentives for their lives in a year without concerts; For their part, he is using them to continue to put pressure on Cuban-American far-right Joe Biden and to prevent a recurrence of the “Obama path” of dialogue with Havana (11).

Opposition groups in the United States called for the lifting of sanctions against Cuba: religious organizations (12), Cuban immigration (13), voluntary organizations and solidarity groups (14), mayors (15), congressmen (16), but reports in the corporate press. Or are there interviews? Almost nothing.

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We read headlines that confused desire and reality (17): “The Homeland and Life”, the song that put the Cuban government on the ropes “(18),” The controversial song that shook the Cuban regime “(19) (twenty). The same ad வ 30 years ago when Willy Sirino released his song “Our Day Is Coming”! (Twenty-one).

Further, the high impact: “The Cuban state press is attacking the song calling for change on the island” (22), “The government calls Yodiou a ‘genitoro'” Romero (23). A complete lie, because the qualification “Zinedoro” belongs to a monument, most retweeted on the island, it comes from a private account, not from the government (24). The headlines in various media outlets make the headline, “If anything happens to my family, I hold the Cuban government accountable” – so-called “revenge” – that it did not happen (25). In Miami, the same media that did not publish a line about the formal harassment of island artists. Last year, the mayor of that city caused two salsa singers, Palito FG (26) and Haila Maria, non-personality Grota Mombik (27), to cancel their concerts in the United States (28). All in all, thanks to the efforts of presenter and YouTuber Alex Ottola (29). A key character to understand the participation in the clip “Patria y Vida” written by Gente de Sona and Dessemer Bueno. Let’s remember.

One year ago, Alex Ottola launched a signature campaign for the United States to withdraw a green card or permanent residency from members of the Gente de Sona duo, which was (30) vetoed by the mayor of Miami at the end of the annual concert (31). In October, Ottola was able to interview President Donald Trump (32) for his plan, and presented him with a “red list” of Cuban men and women, preventing them from entering the country (33). Among them, elements of Gente de Sona and their families. Is it sinful? President Miguel Diaz-Colonel was welcomed during an event in Havana (34). Overnight, the two who had twin apartments in Miami and Havana – lost everything. His participation in the theme of “Homeland and Life” is now his “expansion”. Without recalling his claims against the Cuban government: “When you grow up in a regime like Cuba, one will live in fear”, they declare (35). You understand “living in fear”, don’t you?

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The case of Dezemmer Bueno, one of the translators of the clip, is almost identical. After praising Cuba’s medical cooperation and his condemnation of the U.S. siege (36), a year ago, Alex Ottola’s goal was to ignore his concerts in Miami and ruin his life (37). Dezemmer Bhuvano objected, taking the presenter to court… (38). But he was defeated in battle (39). Without any incident, he began to attack the Cuban government (40) and knelt before Ottola, congratulating him on his interview with Donald Trump and his struggle for “Cuba’s independence” (41). Now comes … “Homeland and Life.”

McClellan Osorbo, another translator, did not appear to be a convert. Do you know what I heard from Donald Trump a few months ago? Ask: “I am now a supporter of an invasion. Are they going to invade Cuba? Come here ”(42). That is why, to the same media that apologized for the most heinous terrorism against his country, he declared that the song “Patria y Vida” was “a war song” (43).

“I’m going to tell you one thing, in this photo (promo of” Patria y Vida “with Tessemer Funo, Gente de Sona and Yottuval Romero)) is a summary of the work we have been doing on this project for four years”: this is Alex on his show, the result of his gang diligence on Ottola Showed with pleasure.

Do you like it clearly?

(To be continued)

Edition: Itasne Rivera and Natalia Allende.



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