September 29, 2022

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Francisco Linder did not even close his mouth before the words of the Mets owner

Player Mets From New York, Francisco Lindor, Did not hesitate to respond to the words of the owner of the company, Steve Cohen, He criticized his bats on baseball Major League Baseball – MLP.

Steven Cohen, The new owner of the system, via Twitter on Wednesday, did not understand how professional hitters could be paradoxical, which is why Puerto Rican Mets In Big leagues, Francisco Lindor, He spoke and nothing was saved.

Its short-lived Mets Emphasizes that this review has been received throughout the year M.L.P.But, not everything on the team is bad. However, take the words Steven Cohen, Because the attack was one of the demands he was asked for, for which he came to the Queens organization.

“I did not do what I came to do when it came to the attacking side. In security, they can’t talk to me. Basically, they can’t talk to me. But furiously, yes, criticize me, tell me what you want. You’re tight. How are you? I’m with them,” Said Francisco Lindor.

Here is the report:

The Mets After the All-Star game they were down a bit and everyone knew that was the reason for the tweet Steven Cohen, It made a lot of noise and made a lot of noise on baseball this week Big leagues.

What else, East When you return to action, you will want to elevate your position and increase your attack numbers for the 2021 season M.L.P. With MetsThe following: 11 homers, 71 hits, 36 RBIs, eight stolen sites and a .228 average.

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