December 10, 2022

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France says no explosives were found on the evacuated Air France flight

(CNN) – No explosives were found on the Air France plane AF865, French Interior Minister Gerald Durman said on Thursday.

“At the end of the intervention, no explosive device was found on the N’Djamena-Paris route on the Air France flight,” Durman wrote in a tweet.

“Thank you for all the services mobilized,” the French official said.

What happened to the Air France flight?

Earlier, the French government said in a statement that passengers on a flight to Paris had been evacuated on suspicion of possessing a bomb device.

According to the report, the plane landed “accidentally” at 4:01 pm local (10:01 am ET) from the Sடியdian capital, N’Jamena, at Paris’ Rosie-Charles de Gaulle airport and was “isolated.”

In addition, Air France confirmed that the AF865 was “taken away by a French Air Force fighter jet” as a result of an “anonymous threat”.

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