September 28, 2022

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“Fortunately or unfortunately I have said no to Barcelona twice”

Xavier Hernandez, Former Barcelona captain and current coach Al Saad Katari acknowledged that he had received offers from the Parsia club in recent years, but it did not “This is not the time.” “Coming is coming, it will be evaluated, we will decide. Things came to us many years ago, but it was not the time. Persia came, it was not the time. There was no hurry.”The Aquinas coach said in an interview with La Vanguardia.

He stressed: “Fortunately or unfortunately I did not say goodbye to Barcelona a couple of times, in different circumstances, in terms of family, professional, contract … And to say that it’s not so difficult because I’m a Cule, but it’s not the time.”

In addition, he mentioned the chapter he experienced when he landed Barcelona A few weeks ago at a time when there was skepticism about the sequel Common. “I’m getting off in Barcelona. They’re waiting for me at the airport. People send me messages as soon as I arrive.” “But they didn’t tell you anything? Well, first Goman is a coach, he should be respected, and then I’m not in a hurry.”, I think Xavi Hernandez.

Thus, he confirmed that his future is currently in Qatar Al Saad. “We are very comfortable and quiet even when open to other club offers. Now my priority is family, I don’t feel the need to leave. I’m fine with the way I am. “, The coach clarified.

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