September 29, 2022

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Former Costa Rican footballer Alard Plummer, father of Honduran Carlos Bowen dies – Dice

Football Costa Rica The former player is in mourning after learning of his death Alert Plummer, Is also the father of the historic goal scorer Honduras national team, Carlos Bavon, Now a commentator.

Plummer Miller, 72, died of a heart attack in the state, according to Costa Rican media. Lemon. The commemorated former forward was born on April 14, 1949.

Alert Plummer Come Honduras Play with him in the seventies Marathon From San Pedro Sula It was at that shelter that he met his mother Carlos Bavon. The former player has always acknowledged the opportunity that Honduran football has given him in the open.

However, for different reasons Alert knew his son until he was 20 years old. In fact, he gave his last name until Carlos Alberto had already retired from football. As soon as they knew, Attic wanted to be more connected with his descendants.

“Football in Costa Rica gave me nothing, I let myself be known in Honduras,” he told TEN a decade ago. Alert Plummer, who It was part of the farewell As his son’s player in 2015.

Ann Honduras He left his identity after the first match with him Marathon On September 10, 1972 San Pedro Sula With 2-2 draw The real Spain He set the goal of building. He scored a goal Athlete Indian He played 76 games with the Greens from 1973-74 to 1975-76, scoring 19 goals and being a scoring leader. Mario Planton Artica, From Mottagua, With 13 touchdowns in 1973-74 matches.

Alert Plummer He always talked about his son’s miracles and was searched by the media before the duels Honduras-Costa Rica. “In Costa Rica they see usage as a superhero. A monster, they are scared when they see it, I always tell them – here comes the man- ”, he said.

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The late former Costa Rican player Alert Plummer Introduced in the first section Costa Rica With Lemon FC In 1972. This is part of it Cardagine Sports Club And this Marathon From Honduras.