For Colored Girls – DVD Review

For Colored Girls

Each of the women in in Tyler Perry’s ‘For Colored Girls portray a certain character represented in a collection of twenty poems, setting the stage for each different situation surrounding women of color. In Ntozake Shange’s original play from 1975, each woman was shown as a different spectrum of the rainbow.

At the beginning I thought this movie looked kind of preachy and I thought that the way it shifted from character to character, that I was not going to like this movie, but after the first five minutes, it caught me and held me. Within the first half an hour, I found myself doing my own soul-searching.

The characters in this movie had a lot of sharp words, action, thoughts, and a lot of believable acting from Anika Noni Rose, Kerry Washington, Janet Jackson, Kimberly Elise, Phylicia Rashad, Loretta Devine, Tessa Thompson and Thandie Newton. This chain of people did not go out of a six block area. The connections that were made were strong as these women dealt with hardships and misfortunes, but strive to rise above it. The movie made me feel more emotion in one hour then I had felt in years.  I felt anger, pity, and I was even heart -wrenched. I cried more than once. The fact that this movie was written specifically to utilize 20 poems, makes it all that much more amazing.

There was never a dull moment.  Even though it was not a high action film, it was powerful and gripping – my emotions went on a roller coaster ride. Most people would benefit from seeing this movie because you can identify with the characters and there is a message to be learned here. How you interpret this message is your own soul talking journey as you go through the film. It is amazing how tight a circle of friends can be. I think certain Internet sites that we use today take the person out of personal.

As humans we need contact; we need to be hugged. Perhaps if we had more human contact, we can overcome some of the things of these women had to. I’ll be the first to admit that this is a chick flick, but this movie did not lack in any way.  You men might want to do right by your women, and watch it with them.  Perhaps hand them a tissue when needed.  Maybe she’ll return the favour. Don’t take your good relationships for granted. After watching this movie I realized that my life wasn’t that bad and I am thankful for what I do have.

“For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf” will be a line you will remember for a long time.