September 29, 2022

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Follow the novel in Barcelona; Laporte, the hour without the president

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Although Joan Laborda Elected President of Barcelona on March 7, he lives a dramatic hour trying to financially secure his victory You have to collect a guarantee of 124.6 million euros If not, the club will have to go through a new election process.

Lalika You need to get the documents before this Wednesday and make sure to collectively approve 15 percent (124.6 million euros) of the budget. Otherwise, a manager will take over the Catalan team again To call new elections.

In the club’s files, Article 54 states: “If the election process has been initiated by the Board of Directors due to premature termination of the previous Board’s mandate, The newly elected Board must take office within the following ten calendar days Until the election date.

“If the law requires that a guarantee be provided, before possession, The newly elected Board must have formalized the approval As required by current regulations. Otherwise, the elected board will not take office and this governing body will be considered vacant, which will automatically create a management commission. ”

Problems LaPorte They came with resignation Jum Gro, The strong man of the candidature on economic issue, but He got off the boat a week after winning the election Y Joan Is looking for managers to cover up the guarantee that it will be implemented at that time Banco SabadelThey only need an external counter guarantee for managers ’assets.

Reported in Spain, Team members LaPorte 50 million Euros will cover the guarantee. 70 million to go, So they returned to see the company Adox, Renewable Energy, but President Jose Elijah He can’t be a manager, and then he will step in Edward Rome, According to his right-hand man, Mundo Deportivo, negotiations broke down this Monday Joan The agent is in danger Barcelona.

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