November 30, 2022

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Flying daily to American Airlines and southwestern Cuba

So far the increase in flights between Cuba and the United States has not been large enough to meet the huge demand from North American territory, especially on these familiar dates. Flights are low and prices are very high considering the short distance between the two countries. But they announced good news.

According to the American newspaper, El Niவோo Herald, American Airlines with the American flag will fly daily from Miami and Tampa in the southwest to “Jose Marti” International Airport in Havana from next December.

From December 2nd, American Airlines Shows Their website Daily flights are available to the Cuban capital, departing from Miami at 10:35 a.m. and arriving at 11:55 p.m. More than an hour between two cities.

Prices on those dates Over a thousand dollars with the tourYes, without counting the extra suitcases. And everyone knows that there is no luggage to travel between Miami and Havana. So tickets will be much more expensive than they already were.

For American Airlines, the real challenge is not just increasing passenger demand. Changes in aviation are causing them to move faster.

Flights from Tampa to Havana Jose Marti Intl

Southwest flights from Tampa to Havana will also be available daily from Saturday, December 4, departing at 9:25 am and arriving in the capital at 10:50 am. The bad news is that there are no one-way tickets through its official page, only returns.

Flights returning from Havana to Tampa will depart at 12:10 pm and arrive in Florida at 1:35 pm. Tickets start at $ 395. They say from the company that the first two suitcases fly for free. In the last week of December, earnings fell to US $ 366.

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Southwest Airlines has long been known for its popular airline advertising and family business culture, but it has not escaped the social divisions that have divided many Americans following vaccine demands.


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