December 10, 2022

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Florentino Perez promises Cristiano Ronaldo will not return to Real Madrid

Florentino Perez, Focusing on his talk of security and the need to establish a European Super League that would “save the whole football world”, he was particularly keen on sending Real Madrid messages in the final part of his interview with the El Sringito show. When Cristiano Ronaldo promised that he would not “return to Madrid”, in general, it was vague, but in some respects clear.

“From time to time Madrid needs a change. We have won a lot, but things have happened. Now we have to move it to recover the illusion. I am in that job,” the Meringue president admitted, “I do everything possible so the club does not lose your rightful place”, and told him about the pope. He smiled when told: “I go undercover with a mask, they recognize me, and they tell me‘ Sign Mbappé ’and then, I tell them to be quiet.

“Cristiano Ronaldo will not return to Madrid” Florentino declared very seriously and conclusively, arguing that this visit no longer makes sense. I love Cristiano so much, he has given us so much, but it doesn’t make sense anymore.

“Vinicius is not for sale, no,” he resolved when asked by the young Brazilian forward, who took his sequel without reservation and announced it Zinedine Zidane “He’s the best coach we’ve ever had, a legend. He has a personality to me, he can not take press meetings.

“He’s as happy as he says, you never know,” he cut in when asked about the French coach’s future, and smiled again as he remembered it. Mourinho He, after being sacked by Tottenham, praises him for free: “Mourinho spent three years with us and developed our competitiveness. We were in the semifinals of nine of the last 11 champions, and it was because of that gene that we were able to compete, and we will always appreciate that.”

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When Sergio Ramos was appointed, the Real leader threatened to step down from the humorous tone, but clarified that “he never said he would not continue in Madrid”. For now, let’s see how we adjust to this year’s completion. See you next year. “

Away from the controversy, Florentino recalled that “since VAR, having been here for 20 years, I have never said anything and argued for a balance against Getafe.” There are many games (players) are tired. Yesterday was a game in which we did not even have players. “

He added that the potential European Super League titles won by Madrid would be added to the Champions League, adding that “all we have to do now is win 14 this year and then, 15.” They have always had 23 European trophies with us, and we have them all together, football and basketball. We have a sports city and everyone comes out saying they have never seen anything like it.