September 30, 2022

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Final: El Salvador beat Granada 2-0 in World Cup qualifier resume

El Salvador kicked off its World Cup road to Qatar 2022 with a first-place finish in four games in the second knockout round at the Estadio Cascatlin, with a win over Granada.

The players on the senior team know they need to start the World Cup road with a win at home, against the little-known Granada team. Today’s game is similar to the first day of Group A, which was played by El Salvador’s next rival, Montserrat; U.S. Virgin Islands and Antigua and Barbuda.

La Selecta are looking to extend their losing streak in the World Cup qualifiers today

Only the leader of the group will advance to the next stage, final to the final octagon, ahead of the F group first place, with Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Saint Kitts and Nevis, the Bahamas and Guyana.

The nominees will try to turn the page on the corruption created with the award request, which did not lead to the call Six Allied players, Four of them headlines. Some of the soldiers were also absent for these losses and were unable to attend these games due to different circumstances.

Follow the events of the game here.

Final: El Salvador made their debut 2-0 against Granada in the second round of the Confederations Cup.

90 + 3: Jamal Charles attacked him in the area, but the ball opened and passed unintentionally towards Henry Hernandez’s goal.

90: Four more minutes were added in the second half.

87: Change in El Salvador: Roberto Tomanzeus enters for Julio Cyprian.

84: Dustin Korea did not direct the best shots and the ball was caught by goalkeeper Jason Pelfan.

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83: Failed! After Diego Caldemos Coca’s cross from the right, Zero Henriques held the ball, allowing it to go close to the penalty spot.

81: Near El Salvador! Dustin Korea went to the right, the centerpiece and Zero Henriques went the good way, but the ball went to the side of the goal.

75: Double change in El Salvador. David Rugamas Dustin entered for Korea and Rodrigo Rivera for Joaquin Rivas.

74: Double change in Granada. Josh Gabriel and Cytral Louis entered for Ricky Modeste and Craig Noel-McLeod.

70: Change in Granada. Jamal Charles Antonio entered the German language.

66: David Rukamas gave the ball to Gerson Mayan to complete the goal, and the Granada goalkeeper knew how to throw the ball sideways. This is another chance to attack El Salvador.

62: Change in Granada. Shalon John-Brown entered for Carlton Belmer.

59: Changes in El Salvador. Diego Caldemos Coca and Zyro Henriques entered for Jaime Alas and Andres Flores.

55: Granada’s choice was close to the national goal, a combination close to the region was close to causing danger, but Julio Cyprian rejected it in time.

50: Holding the ball, which was about 60 percent in the first half, was part of how the Salvador team showed itself on the field. The game was paralyzed for a few seconds due to a mistake by Jaime Alas.

David Rugamas celebrates the goal against Granada at the Cascadlin Stadium on the 1st in the second round of the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers. Photo EDH / Lissette Monterrosa

47: Kudol for El Salvador! David Rukamas goalkeeper Jason Pelpani is the A.J. Patterson was defeated by a deflected shot. The play began with a pass from Andres Flores to Gerson Mayan, who guided the ball to deliver to Rukamas, who hit him in that spot first.

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45: Granada provided a change in the second half.

Half: El Salvador have a goal advantage against Granada with very little action in a game, but with a wide command of the ball. The scoring chances were very low, of which Gerson Mayan’s score came.

45: A minute was added in the first half.

45: Henry Hernandez saved! Carlton Bellmer hit him in the area and claimed the national goalkeeper himself, the ball went up to a corner kick and in the corner, the national goalie grabbed the ball.

44: Yellow card for a player from El Salvador, Isaac Portillo.

44: Focused on the right, the ball could not be completed by David Rugamas, thanks to the Granada player’s previous title.

41: Near Granada! Carlton Belmer took some time in the area and was unable to finish against the Salvador goal.

40: 40 minutes into the game, El Salvador dominates the field of play without resistance, but the process of the match slows down.

37: Gerson Mayan’s free kick went to one side of Belphone’s goal.

36: After the disappearance of Andres Flores, who went to court for a three-quarters offense, A.J. Yellow card for Patterson.

30: El Salvador’s dominance is without any resistance from Granada, and with the advantage already in place, Seleca seem to be relaxing more on the pitch at Cascatlin Stadium.

Gerson Mayan celebrates Selekta’s goal against Granada at the Cascadlin Stadium on the 1st of the second round of the Concacaf World Cup qualifiers. Photo EDH / Lissette Monterrosa

23: Good for El Salvador! Jerson Mayan shines with a personal game ahead of Jason Belfon’s goal. This is the first play where Selecta has been able to complete their connection to this area.

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20: El Salvador is trying to capitalize on the resources that are sidelining operations, and from there look for a center in that area where a national player can lead. After the first quarter of an hour the game is one of its least attractive moments.

13: The clear arrival of the test was a pass sent from Brian Tamagas to Gerson Mayan on three-quarters of the court, when the Akula player tried to cross the ball but the Granada defender intervened and rejected it. The corner did not thrive.

10: Selekta’s attacks continue, but there is no clarity on the court’s three-quarters of the time. Visiting security works to thwart Jaime Alas’ predictions.

7: El Salvador holds the ball for long, but it is not effective when the ball is brought into that area. The Granada team tries to defend four guards and another six on the narrow perimeter of the pitch.

5: Tonight the captain, Allianza FC’s central defender Ivan Mancia to the detriment of Henry Hernandez.

1: Launched! El Salvador hopes to add another match this time against Granada without losing at Cascatlin Stadium. There are some changes in Blue and White due to the departure of Oscar Seron due to an incident and injury with Allianza players.

Fact: Tonight the referee is Kimble Ward of St. Kitts and Nevis.

The notes of El Salvador’s national anthem sound.

This is the Granada Order: Jason Belban; Carlton Belmer, Moron Philippe, Antonio German, Alex McQueen, Cairo Mitchell, A.J. Patterson, Tyrone Sterling, Craig Noel-McLeod, Quasim Theodore, Ricky Modestay

This is El Salvador’s alignment:

Alignment of Selecta. Photo: Courtesy La Selecta