May 22, 2022

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Filter the audio between the Rupees and PQ to bring the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia and the millions they won


Confidential FC Barcelona player Gerard Pique and Royal Spanish Football Association president Luis Roubiels have uncovered a new scandal involving him.

The RFEF has reportedly agreed with Cosmos, led by billionaire commissioner Gerard Pique, to bring the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia.

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“In the agreement signed with the Saudi public company Sela, the federation guaranteed to collect 40 million euros for each edition, while the cosmos takes four million for each of the six years signed, a total of 24”, the secret confirms.

The Spanish newspaper also reveals conversations between the two involved: (March 7, 2019) “Let’s see, Ruby, if it’s a matter of money, if they (Real Madrid) go to 8, hell, man, you pay eight to Madrid and eight to Parsa … others 2 and 1 salary … there are 19 people, the federation holds six kilos uncle. Before you hold anything, you weigh six kilos. And we will put pressure on Saudi Arabia and expel him … otherwise we will tell him that Madrid will not go … and we will get one or two sticks … ”, says Piqué.

The response came from the Barசாa defender following Rupees’ statement that Real Madrid would not play for less than eight million euros outside Spain.

“Look Gerry, look. I’m going to see this with Madrid too. I think Madrid is going to say no to me, it’s coming from hell to justify us for the future, and it’s the most capable ground, whether it is the champion, whether it is the cup champion or the cup final. .. I think we have legitimacy, “Rubiels said at the time.

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The deal was signed and the Super Cup in Arabia

This audio was released on September 15, 2019, another conversation revealed by El Confidencial on how the Rupees announce the news that the Super Cup is moving to Arabia.

“Jerry, congratulations. I did not mention yesterday’s special match or your goal. It is over 12 so the deal with Saudi Arabia is firm. A hug, thank you for everything. I’m here for whatever you need,” said the head of the Spanish Federation.

Real Madrid won the first edition of the Spanish Super Cup in Arabia, then Athletic and lastly the white team, Barcelona have not won in Asia so far.

No direct charge from the Cosmos Federation The Spanish Super Cup in Arabia is one of the businesses that Gerard Bigway has been weaving in recent years with Cosmos Holding. Center-back brushes the conflict of interest of many of them, but without going beyond that. As El Mundo pointed out in November 2019, for the Super Cup, the Cosmos will not charge a commission directly from the federation for breach of protocol.