December 1, 2022

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Fighter Brusso de Plata dies

Mourning in Mexican wrestling. This Monday Jose Luis Alvarado Neves, also known as Super Porky or Brazzo de Plata, one of the biggest legends of the ring, died, Mediotempo released.

Pepe Alvarado, a member of a great dynasty in fighting, made history with his brothers Los Prazos, who later became the most beloved and luxurious of the fans without a mask, thanks to his great charm and ring.

Pepe Alvarado has died at the age of 56. The Lustic family has returned to his family and children with messages of encouragement and solidarity with current AAA stars Psycho Clone and Koya Kong.

There are no details yet about the death of Praso de Plata, although the news has been confirmed by other legends and members of the press and members, such as Blue Demon Jr.

A precious legacy

Alvarado is part of the Luca Libre in Mexico. They marked an era and one of the biggest matches in history against villains under the characters of Los Bros., with whom they would lose the mask in 1988.

Once without a lid, Pepe Alvarado gained weight and became one of La Luca’s most glamorous characters, Super Porky. Talented but with a heart dripping from his chest.

He was part of the golden age of CMLL, had a time with WWE and was proud of AAA. He has won third-party championships on 3 occasions, a one-time champion with La Barca and in 1991 he won the Bullfighting Cup.

Rest and health issues

Combined with excess weight, blows and injuries, he left Proso de Plata with several permanent series on his body. He recently revealed that he needed hip and shoulder surgeries 10 years after the ring.

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He also admitted financial difficulties due to a fraud, although he did not accept thanks to the support of Psycho Clone and Koya Kong.