December 1, 2022

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Fight between Jonathan Allen and Darren Payne on the Washington bench

WFT defensive linemen came to a fist and then fell down from their team bat and left the field

The Washington football team This Sunday seemed to be a hit at the AT&T Stadium, and not just because he hit in front of the pitch. Dallas Cowboys.

During the second quarter, when he fell 28-7, something unusual happened on the bench Washington When Jonathan Allen Y Darren Payne After confronting each other they had to be separated by comrades.

Broadcast cameras caught defenders sitting together and arguing Payne He got up and pointed his finger at her head Allen, He responded by hitting him with his right hand fist.

Other players soon Washington They both had to intervene to separate them while they were yelling at each other.

Then when the two sat down, Payne Shouted and woke up again AllenBut his teammates did not allow him to go on the defensive.

Washington Came into the game with a two-game defeat, including a game against Cowboys In their previous fight.

According to the “Football Power Index”, the WFT has a 6.7 percent chance of making the playoffs at 6-8. ESPN; That number will drop to 18.8 percent with an impossible win and 2.8 percent with a failure.

Washington Its fifth consecutive defeat would save the season with a loss (the longest series on the team since the seasons 1957 to 1965).

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