November 30, 2022

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FIFA opens the disciplinary file for the Byron Castillo case

FIFA has opened a disciplinary procedure against Byron Castillo for possible violations of the eight – match call-up criteria he played with Ecuador in the qualifying round for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

It said in a statement that the international body had called on the “Ecuadorian Federation and the Peruvian Football Association to present their position to the FIFA Regulatory Authority”.

FIFA thus responds to a complaint filed by the Chilean Federation before the Regulatory Commission, alleging that documents provided by Byron Castillo, an Ecuadorian citizen, may have been forged.

Unlike Chile and Peru, Ecuador qualified directly for the World Cup.

The fifth-placed Peruvian team, behind Ecuador, will play in the playoffs as Chile are eliminated.

Castillo was lined up by Ecuador coach Gustavo Albero for two games against Paraguay and Chile, and one occasion against Uruguay, Bolivia, Venezuela and Argentina.Key meetings for the team to achieve one of the direct allocations for the World Cup.

The Chilean federation condemned the incident on May 5, saying “there is ample evidence that the player was born in Colombia.”

Investigations in Ecuador revealed that there were discrepancies in the birth certificate issued by the player, including the legal report of the National Directorate of Civil Registration.

FIFA may allow deductions from Ecuador for matches played by Castillo, which will change the list of ads.

According to an official document approached by EFE, the Legal Technical Report of the National Directorate of Ecuador’s Civil Registration confirms that Byrne Castillo’s birth record in the Ecuadorian city of Quas is not in the requested volume, page and certificate. .

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