December 10, 2022

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Fidelco compared the United States’ demand to that of Real Madrid

Fake in the quarry Real Madrid, Alvaro Fidelco He knows how big the pressure is to keep himself on such a big team and get a spot in the starting box, so he was encouraged to compare what happens every day. United States.

“Real Madrid is the most important thing you can offer Every day you have to fight for a positionAt the end of the year you go to a cut, so since you were a kid, A competitive level at most“In training, in everything, it’s a duty to win every game, it’s like the United States, even if it’s friendly, you have to win,” Spaniard told a conference.

He added the players Learn to accept criticism, Do not take everything for granted, because it is inevitable that it will be constantly explored in a club like Asuligrama, as well as I was ready to face the challenge that lies in it.

“In such a big club you are always under pressure and you want to leave a good image. Character and personality are required To face it, you have to come to America, play at Azteca Stadium, you have to win every game. Training in Madrid is a good thing to give you You have that pressure every day And it makes you grow. In the end I am happy and very happy to be here, ”he added.

We will follow the leaders

This Saturday, the United States will travel to Tolkien for a match where they can see each other The competition reached its climax Do you want to lose, like the Scarlet team Below are only three units, With a total of 17, Fidelco hopes they will maintain the distance.

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We are the United States And everyone knows it’s the most important game of the season when they play against the United States. I don’t know if we have a parameter or not, but we are the United States and We will go to Tolkien with the intention of being the leader. Sequoia will be a good game, they have good players, a good team, it will definitely be a good game to watch and it will be played. We are the United States “