December 7, 2022

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Fenafut defends himself! They say they have been talking to Carol Figueroa’s parents for 7 months about the summons.


Gerardo Ramos, Executive Director of the Honduran Football Federation, in statements made to Diario DIEZ, referred to the invitation of the Federation of America to the son of the captain of the thousand battles of “H” Manor Figueroa, Kirol Figueroa.

Early on, the federal official clearly established that Fenafut had been talking to Carol’s parents at length; With that in mind, “Manor Figueroa belongs to the house, apart from being a national team player, he is also a friend and we have a good relationship with him since he was the captain of the national team for a long time. , one has to imagine how many conversations we have had with Manor over eleven years”, confirms Ramos.

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According to the FENAFUTH administrator, he personally conducts these conversations with the player’s family every 7 to 8 months, however, according to his parents, access to the invitation was considered premature, establishing that his son’s studies are a priority. Football integration with Liverpool in England during those months.

The player was renewed by Liverpool, and since then he has already acquired high playing qualities according to Ramos, and he reiterates, “In fact there are many good relations with Gerol and his family, and it is worth reviewing that the player lived. He was in England from the age of one (he was born in Honduras), but he Lived outside the country for 15 years, and because of the same possibilities as Manor, as a father he has promoted them, apart from England. In the US, he currently holds three passports,” he says.

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Obviously, the North Americans, like Honduras, saw an important opportunity for his talent regarding Caillou, “I happened to talk about this topic with Manor yesterday and we remembered that in the last months he was invited to the UEFA U-17. Tournaments held in Europe and those dates coincided with England’s academic period, It didn’t work, that table was shared with us; we kept talking after the pre-U-20 World Cup because the confederation started the U-17 process and we sent the table to Manor to find options, but from a father’s point of view, his role is to guide them. Children make their own decisions and they should be respected.”Gerardo Ramos said.

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According to Ramos, there is an advantage for now: “In small teams, because there is no problem of a player changing the confederation or the national team, the difficulty is in a big team, because there will be no progress. behind”. said.

The FENAFUTH executive insisted, “The problem will not be because the federation stopped the efforts, but rather, they told me that a fluid conversation with Maynor and his wife has been successful and they have not told me no. His son should think carefully about this, and besides the Honduran passport, he has one from the first world countries. “I think we all know there are two more, but they haven’t told me no,” the federation official said.