June 25, 2022

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Federal money is coming in to increase the ban card

The $ 597 million allocation approved by the Consolidated Appropriation Act of 2021 was transferred to the government of Puerto Rico, which was announced today, on Sunday by Governor Pierre Pierre Lucci, Family Secretary Carmen Ana Gonzalez Mahas and Executive Family Socio-Economic Development Administration (ADSEF), Alberto Fredera.

The funds will begin distribution next week For 854,216 families currently assisting with the PAN scheme.

“The plan, submitted and approved by the federal government, aims to ensure that aid is provided quickly, has a positive impact on the well-being of low-income families, and provides additional support for their healthy diet and strengthens their health,” promised Pierlosi Urudia.

The governor pointed out that this allocation for the bon company allows the benefits of the families using the scheme to be equal to the benefits received by a family with a similar structure in the states.

“For approximately three to four months, families participating in the PAN scheme will double their benefits. This gap is what we refer to when we prescribe equivalent treatment in federal programs. This program is no exception. Ensuring that our families have access to safe food assistance, while looking for opportunities to enter the labor market, is fundamental. Is part of, ”the governor said.

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The Family Secretary expressed his satisfaction in describing how these resources allow him to support vulnerable people such as adults over 60 years of age. Currently there are 382,176 people over the age of 60 with the help of the PAN scheme, of whom 219,718 are living alone.

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“With these funds, we ensure the health and well-being of the elderly who participate in the program and who often live alone in their own homes, especially in the face of the challenge of COVID. 19. For example, the maximum benefit per person per household (1) over 60 years per month. 0 280.0 and currently the maximum benefit is 4 134.0 per month, ”said Gonzalez Magus.

For his part, executive Fredera Vasquez described the days of delivery, all of which refer to non-regular broadcast dates, so they don’t expect people to gather in stores. Release dates start on Tuesday, March 23rd and end on Wednesday 31st March 2021. Two digits of social security will be given for each issue. All families who were active in the PAN scheme until March 2021 will receive an increase in benefits.

According to the last digit of the social security number of the responsible person, the emissions will be automatically reflected in the family card accounts. Participants do not have to make any arrangements with the office to obtain these resources. Each issue will provide two digits of social security, one day between each issue, to allow adequate distribution in businesses, ”explained Fredera Vasquez.

Similarly, The administrator revealed that the family market program will be strengthened later Gets an increase This time. Participants were asked to consult a calendar of family markets and a list of certified businesses in PAN. www.adsef.pr.gov. He also suggested that families set up a user account www.ebtpr.com View your transactions and discounts.

Finally, the ADSEF Administrator urged families to make good use of the benefits and to comply with the terms of use of the scheme. It is important that we all ensure the integrity of the use of funds and that they reach the most needy families. Fraudulent use of family card resources will not be tolerated. ”

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