Fear Factory Unleashes Mayhem On Vancouver

Fear FactoryFear Factory
Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC
July 11, 2010

Photos By Paul Ostergo

Fear Factory have been blasting out the tunes since the early 90s and after a recent reunion in 2009, the band returned to Vancouver for an energetic night at the Commodore Ballroom on Sunday night. The newest version of the band features drummer Gene Hoglan, who started his career back in the early 80s as a roadie for Slayer. The band was out supporting their 2010 release Mechanize, which is a powerful and modern sounding album from the band. Surprisingly, they only performed a couple tracks from the album, including the stellar opening track Mechanize, which kicked off the show. The set was full of a mix of tracks, including the outstanding throwback Martyr, the first track on Soul of a New Machine, the album that started it all in 1992.

Once the band sank their teeth into their third song, Edgecrusher, the crowd started to get into a frenzy while singing along. Fear Factory’s innovative approach to metal had the mostly male audience thrashing out the entire night while wearing band logo’d t-shirts in a sea of sweat and madness. Guitarist Dino Cazares took that as a cue to spray some water on the crowd and give them some temporary relief from the mayhem.

Fear Factory is back in fine form ladies and gentlemen. Let the fear begin…

Set List

Acres of Skin
Fear Campaign
Self Bias
Zero Signal

Fear Factory