December 10, 2022

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FDA issues order to remove about 60 million Johnson & Johnson vaccines from a plant that has damaged millions of doses


12 June 2021 01:49 GMT

On the other hand, the regulatory system would allow the United States to distribute or export about 10 million volumes.

U.S. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday ordered Johnson & Johnson to reject about 60 million doses of its corona virus vaccine. Reports The New York Times quoted those familiar with the subject.

On the other hand, according to the media, the company will allow about 10 million doses to be distributed in the United States or sent to other countries, But with one caveat Regulators cannot guarantee that Emerging Bio Solutions, which operates the plant, has followed good production practices.

Company confirmed a Release It recognizes the emergency use of two volumes of that vaccine, while determining that “many are not suitable for use”, regardless of how many doses they specify.

Fault at the plant

With regard to the plant, the FDA explains that it cannot include it in approved manufacturing facilities at this time, but continues to work with the pharmaceutical company and the management of Emergency Bio Solutions to achieve this.

In April, the FDA stopped production of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine at the plant, and millions of drugs were wasted in March after the bug was discovered.

According to The New York Times in late March, operators at the Emergency Bio Solutions plant accidentally mixed Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine components with those used to make Astrogeneca. Alleged error Finished with approximately 15 million volumes Vaccine from the American pharmaceutical company, which had to stop distribution in the country. In response, Biden management ceased production of AstraZeneca at the plant, directly restricting vaccine production to Johnson & Johnson at its facility.

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