November 28, 2022

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FBI and police are actively searching for the parents of the young man accused in the Michigan school shooting | Univision news shoot

The FBI, Michigan Police and other forces are searching for the parents of Michigan school shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley, whom they consider to be “fugitives” and are facing charges of arbitrary murder by prosecuting him a few hours before his charge. A shooting has been reported at an Oxford school in which their son is charged.

Auckland County attorney Karen McDonald announced the charges against Crumbley’s parents, who were charged with murder and terrorism in Tuesday’s shooting. Oxford High School, In which Four students died Seven others were injured in the attack.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office has released pictures of Jennifer and James Crumbleys and their vehicle: the black 2021 Kia Seltos SUV with the Michigan license plate DQG 5203.

“The act of ignoring his lawyer and running away certainly adds weight to the charges. They cannot escape their role in this tragedy,” Sheriff Michael Bouchard said in a statement.

However, Crumbleys’ attorneys said in a statement that their clients had not fled the law, and that their client had promised to return to the city to file charges against them, despite admitting they had left the city.

“Contact the Oakland County Attorney on Thursday night to discuss the matter and inform him that James and Jennifer Crumble are going to sue. Instead of contacting us, the attorney held a press conference to announce the charges,” the attorneys said. . Shannon Smith and Marial Lehmann said in a statement.

Under Section 321 of the Michigan Penal Code, any person convicted of arbitrary homicide is liable to up to 15 years in prison or a felony punishable by up to $ 7,500 in state prison. Or both at the discretion of the court. “

“Beyond Indifference”

The prosecutor expected the court to consider the actions of the young man’s parents the previous day and decide whether to prosecute Crumble’s parents. “Go beyond indifference”, As reported by the agency AP

Prosecutor McDonald said his father bought the gun four days before the shooting. The suspect was with her and then posted on social media about the gun, calling her “my new beauty”.

“Parents are only individuals Knowing access to weaponsAttorney McDonald said.

And he added: The weapon appears to have been fully recovered To that individual ”. The semi-automatic rifle was legally purchased last week by James Crumble He gave it to his son, The researchers said.

The lawyer explained that the teenager’s parents were called by a teacher a few hours before the event. Map of the gun, the person with the bleeding and the words “Help me”.

The young man, who later returned to his classroom, later came out of the bathroom and fired at the students.

Allegation of parents for shooting at school

In Michigan there is no law requiring gun owners to keep guns out of the reach of minors. McDonald, however, pointed out that there was more evidence to suppress the allegations.

“I can tell you that those actions of Mom and Dad were beyond negligence,” he told WJR-AM. “Obviously, we’ve going to punish the culprit (but) there are other people who are responsible.”

Tim Throne, president of Oxford Schools, described it as high school Sounds like a “war zone” And for many weeks you will not be ready to start regular activities.

“It may be a understatement to say I’m in shock and paralyzed,” Throne said in a video.

He also gave information about what happened when parents were called to the school a few hours before the shooting.

“There are no records of discipline in the school. The student was in contact with our head office. Yes, His parents were on campus on Nov. 30“, He explained that he could not comment further on the matter.