December 10, 2022

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Fawcett’s wife and relatives say he is innocent

Leonardo Antonio Fana Batista, the wife of the suspended director of the Dominican Agricultural Company (IAT), has been charged with sexual harassment against a former employee of the company he directed, and has defended her cousin along with relatives.

“Leonardo is innocent, (…) that is, anyone who knew Leonardo knew about Leonardo’s honesty,” said Lona Wheeler, Fona’s wife, who expressed surprise at her husband’s arrest despite the complaint being dismissed.

The woman said they did not have the elements of the verdict and that they could say that the situation was fair or unreasonable.

Similarly, Fana’s friend, whose identity is not known, said that if the accused had persons who supported him, it was because “he is a clean man and he is unworthy of harm” and those who came with him were his friends in the judicial process and they knew him.

Juan del Carmen Sepalveda, attorney for the National Thursday Court of Appeals, is seeking a coercive action against Fona this Thursday, who is being investigated in connection with a sexual harassment complaint filed by a former employee who was under the supervision of an officer.

Fina appeared with her attorney, Carlos Olivares, and his wife before the appellate court this Wednesday. As soon as he arrived at the office of Del Carmen Sepalveda, he was arrested and taken to the detention prison of the Ciudad Nueva Palace under strict security measures, where he would remain until a degree of coercion was known.

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