December 1, 2022

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Father of Lela Fernandez: Her blood is not red (from Canada), her blood is tricolor (from Ecuador) | Other games | Sports

The father of the new American Open attraction from Florida shares his feelings for the success of his 19-year-old daughter in New York.

Jorge Fernandez said Wednesday that his “blood is not red”, but “tricolor”, and “they always are” at home (on Pointon Beach, Florida) should not forget who he is. The daughter, Canadian Lela Fernandez, is the main heroine of a youth attack that entered the hands of a group of young people at the 2021 United States Open.

At the age of 19 last Monday, Leila defeated fifth-seeded Ukrainian Elena Svitolina 6-3, 3-6, 7-6 (7/5) on Tuesday to advance to the semifinals of the US Open, beating reigning champion Naomi Osaka and former world number one Angelique Gerber.

On Thursday he will feature in the final against Belarusian Arna Sabalenka.

The left-hander and admirer of Rafael Nadal commented that her father was at home after the victory over Leila Svitolina, but did not specify the details. Meanwhile, at the Arthur Ash Stadium box, US Open host TV focused on his mother Irene Xiva and body trainer Douglas Cortero.

“My dad told me about everything, a lot of things … he told me to have fun, fight for every point and enjoy it,” said an emotional Lela.

In a telephone conversation with the radio, the Canadian star was asked about George’s statements Caravan, Explained that he was not in New York, at the same time, from Miami (Florida), he helped his youngest daughter Bianca Jolie, who played tennis in W25 Marbella, Spain.

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“Since (Lela) started to work well, we are superstitious, so I don’t want to go to New York and damage the good vibes of this moment. We work from a distance to pursue the good vibes and the chemistry that happens to her,” he admitted.

George is a man from Guayaquil who moved to Canada when he was a child and became a Canadian citizen at the age of 14. However – he completes – there is more evidence that his family first tried to immigrate to New York. “

As a father, I always asked my daughters not to forget who they are and to love Ecuador. Leila was lucky enough to visit her grandparents in Salinas. He loves Ecuador, he loves food, ”he says.

He recalled what he always told her about the growth of her tennis: “As Ecuadorians we have many champions in various sports. She felt as she grew older.”

Trust in his coach, his father

Jorge Fernandez encouraged his daughter with mental strength, endurance, concentration and confidence, the same qualities she learned hard on the football field because she was a footballer for semi-professional teams in Montreal.

She plays the role of coach and is the one who designs the strategy for every sport, Leela says at a recent press conference. The left-hander is also guided by professional coach Romain Terider.

During the conversation with CaravanJorge “Lecla was very close to representing Ecuador, but he did not give up because the administration in Ecuador was so complicated, so difficult, so long.”

When asked if George planned to go to Ecuador with his entire family after Leila participated in the US Open, he said it was something he had been thinking about.

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“I thought about it for a long time. I used to say, if one day we can do something very important, something special, we’ve going to go there to celebrate it together. I want Lela, my dad and mom to feel it. Above all, even though we are far away, I want the whole country to realize that we have never forgotten where it starts. The blood she has is there.

“I reminded her this morning that those who spoke to her two weeks ago should keep talking when no one knows about her. Unfortunately you will receive many new invitations. We have a lot more work to do at this time. I told her it was a betrayal of fame. , Because the public ‘loves who you are, and no one else,’ concluded Jorge Fernandez. (D)