September 29, 2022

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Fabian Guido talks about Roman Kyoto, remembers Henry Fikiurova and sends a clear message to ‘Patton’ Magia – Dice

Fabian Coyote Talked to TEN and resolved some doubts about what was coming Honduras national team. Uruguay has completed 29 months of work on the topic of Honduran football representations and has received its ratings on it.

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Similarly, the Uruguayan strategist, once a football player Olympiad From Honduras, He was satisfied with the fierce football fight they had Etrick Mengever Y Louis Lopez Targeted by Honduran actors. He did not miss the opportunity to send a message “Badan” Magia, Cries intensely for a call for two colors.

Coyote, related to U-23, confirmed that they will use reinforcements, which already have an extensive list, but have not yet defined three athletes who could strengthen the Olympic cast. Tokyo 2021.

Ten people interviewed for Fabian Coyote:

In short, teacher, how do you summarize these 29 months of working in Honduras?
Summarizing this is not easy, but from a professional point of view, I am satisfied with how much we have used our time, which has been exceptional for all of us, beyond the disruption of one year by 2020. He cut us off from a job and put a little in one of the freezers, and at the end of the year you were back to football. But I think we tried to use it, we did a lot of work with the U-23s, they were looking for objectives to gain experience through training sessions and games. By accelerating and supporting football players their personal development will be for the benefit of the national team.

Etrik Menzover and Luis Lopez are the two most important goalkeepers today.

How do you estimate the level reached by Etrik Menzover a year ago, when in fact it was not even called, is now a starter?
It has grown very well as a result of work, continuity and confidence. He has conditions, he has a great physique and good age, we are very happy because in a position like structure, it is good to have the best current players and it is a plan for the future.

Have you already got a lot of benefits in the goal of “Pupa” Lopez?
This is part of the information for the purposes of the final resolution, and in that sense the continuum that Etric had, the results make him an more experienced goalkeeper than he was a while ago. The experience, confidence and performance gained at Olympia was great, but Pupa has provided the most important things to football and coaches, and in the hope that we will talk about Etrik it was seen again and again because we can not forget that the team was more than just a footballer, Pupa was the national team goalkeeper for many years. Comes from, and has a good level of.

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We know that Roman Kyoto is at an optimal level, he has shown it in MLS, but now that he is back what do you expect differently from him?
I consider Roman Kyoto with good qualities, he is very powerful, he is at the center of the attack, he left a little of what a job on the team is, I think it will benefit him because it is the most influential area because it is close to the competitive target and the competitive defensive zone. It motivates us to look for band players who can contribute to the Rommel team, which was a great path, with a lot of players coming to the opposite side with the idea of ​​seeing the physical endurance to the far side and, above all, where on the field is most beneficial to us. Apparently we always wanted to get him, but health conditions have prevented us from getting Roma many times, but now we benefit from that level he showed in Montreal because he doesn’t have it in the dynamo.

Albert Ellis .586 (1416x870)

Albert Ellis became a benchmark for the Honduran team. Play with Bovista.

After a year in Portugal with Bovista, what new things has Albert Ellis bought in Europe?
The ideas of the game are not suddenly so important or so easy from the point of view of the spectator, but from the best ideas of the game the football player should encourage, motivate, motivate them. Albert has played a lot with regard to the ball, is well versed in attack and has made his game a bit boring, playing on the wing, taking advantage of speed, playing against one another or going in search of a fight though the competitor proposes to play. Defense, relief and he tried anyway, now that he is playing in front of the attack he has more spaces and freedoms, he needs to identify more spaces and distinguish when he is a support striker, when he is a gap and an unselected striker, we have to work out the game Here’s how a coach stimulates it from the training level. For me, his profile is important to anyone, but he has improved it, how to get it, how to profile it, what to look for, what its strengths are, how to trigger it, one of his differences is his character and it’s like a European game Was able to impose himself on a football, I talked to him about it, I send it to the coaching football players, the role MLS challenged him to go to European football when he was comfortable in football, it was the goal of European football, he did not hesitate to capture the market like Europe , He talks about many things and about it. That is one of the most important things he has.

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As for Phoenix Garcia, who plays as a center-back, but at what level would you use him on the national team?
As a midfielder he has the most important things, perhaps a product of the inevitable times that affect all of us today, we all go through it, logically gaining experience and understanding of the game, and he loses the journey, the movements are the most important to the position. I have seen him play as a central symbol and he has pleasantly surprised me. He dominates the post, moves forward, leaves the team, but then there are certain game situations like aerial duels in the area he is not used to, he does not miss, the risks of playing in the last defensive line he has to get them, knowing what he is doing in the dynamo, he has one of two options Can play, it depends on the characteristics of the competitor. Besides, Henry Figueroa, a great central defender, was one of the players who surprised me the most when I came to Honduras. It’s a situation where I have lost what I wanted to be a great player like Henry Figueroa, a stumbling block that we can not count on for Henry today. Denil Moldonado has an injury, we have some footballers in this position, manor, even talking about the age of the pony, manor, of course, it is undeniable, so we need to look for good footballers, it is important that they appear. Phoenix may be a short-term solution.

Henry Figueroa.  262 (1416x870)

Fabian Coyto says he wants to get back defender Henry Fikurova.

Have you talked to Henry Figueroa?
The last time I talked to him was when we traveled to Europe in March, and then I tried to find him, I could not, I always tried to talk to him, and when he came out we talked to the national team. I feel comfortable chatting with him and definitely want to meet him again.

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Badun Majia has called up the Honduras national team, he only asks one, why doesn’t he consider it?
Yes definitely. He is a midfielder, attitude, very important for the position, I think he is the central midfielder of the best local football team, if he is not considered at this time, it seems to us that those who invited us have better opportunities than him, not rejected, in which, with so much competition, character and attitude is important.

Are you asking for patience?

Yes, that’s right.

As for Emilio Isaguire, do you think his cycle in the national team is over?
No. Emilio has a great experience that he can transform into existing schools, I consider it very important, therefore, I can not say in any way that it is over, I do not promise or say anything in the future because I do not know anything about it.

He talked about sub23

What are the plans with U-23, the friendship against Japan has already been confirmed, but when will the work start and when will they travel?
The team travels from the first days of July, 5 to 8, depending on the existing friendship, Japan one, the other must be confirmed, because there will be two more friends, we are at the end of the players Strengthen the Olympics to contribute to the young athletes.

gustavo roca journalist.1 (1416x870)

Gustavo Roca, DIEZ journalist, with Honduran national team coach Fabian Coito. Photo: Jeffrey Ayala.

Will they use three reinforcements and do they already have names?
We have many names that transcend the limits of the possibilities we can handle. I can not give names because I did not tell them or them, because there is also a gold cup, we can not defend the senior team. Let’s see which football players we can count on.

The last report you got from Denil Maldonado, what did it say, could it come at the right time?
Yes, it gives the impression that he keeps maximizing what he can contribute, and we hope he can get there.

Carlos Pineda dreams of Tokyo, but how do you see it?
I talk to Carlos, I don’t see him, he does everything he can to come, and of course it would be a reinforcement to trust Carlitos at the Olympics.