September 25, 2022

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‘Extremely disturbing’: Florida father shoots 5-year-old daughter, seriously injures 8-year-old son | News from Mexico

A father from Florida Shot to death Her 5-year-old daughter suffered head injuries and her brother suffered serious head injuries shortly after her mother gave her away A good night kiss on Monday. Officials described the incident as a domestic incident.Very disturbing“.

A shocked Hillsborough County Sheriff, Chad ChronisterHis mother went out to dinner and came home and kissed the children staying goodnight.

After doing that the girl suddenly went to the bathroom Heard the scenesChronister said. Believing that shots had been fired outside her house, the woman ran outside and ran to a neighbor who had already called. 911.

The mother picked up the phone to describe what her husband had heard. Jermaine BassHe picked up an 8-year-old boy and ran out of the house to call for help.

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He held the injured child in his arms

Officers who rushed to the scene found the father still in the room Holding the injured child.

Boss told them several times that he accidentally shot his son NYP.

As they prepared to carry the injured boy Tampa General HospitalAgents asked if anyone else was home.

Boss The boy’s sister replied that she was sleeping He shared the top of the bunk with his brother.

“Officers went upstairs and made the shocking discovery of a 5-year-old girl lying on the top bunk … in a pool of her own blood,” Chronister said.

He was shot multiple times in the head.

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He is fighting for his life

Both children were taken to hospital The girl was declared dead. Chronister also said the woman’s brother Shot in the headis “LHe is fighting for his life”.

Bass was arrested He faces charges of murder In first class.

You don’t accidentally shoot your kids in the head three or four times,” Chronister said.

The Frightening discovery The authorities were shocked.

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