September 30, 2022

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Expert Evidence Indicates Harassment and Accident After Octavio Ocaña Suicide Univision News Events

The Mexican state attorney’s office said it was referring to expert evidence in the investigation into the death of young actor Octavio Ocana. He accidentally “shot himself”, The truck he was driving crashed following a police chase at midnight on Friday.

Ocaña, 22, was driving a truck when a police patrol ordered him to stop at a crossroads in the vicinity of Prados Iztacala in the northwestern municipality of Atizapán de Zaragoza.

“The dynamics of the facts is that the driver lost control during his flight, left the asphalt tape and struck his right front; at this moment, as a result of the accident ‘ He turned his shotgun on himself when apprehended by a police officer on the porch of the house where the shootings took place“, Indicates Statement issued by the Government.

“The firing of the weapon created a wound on the Octavio N. It was shot from inside the vehicle and by the person who took it“.

The actor became famous through his character Benito Rivers in the ‘Neighbors’ series. He last appeared in the telenovela ‘De Toy La Vita’, La Mexicana y el Cuero. Ogana Telenovela ‘Lola, Once Upon a Time’ and ‘La Familia b. He also appeared in the series ‘Looche’ and ‘Hermanos y Detectives’.

Two people who traveled with Okana have been detained for questioning.

Ohana took the gun from the glove box when the Metropolitan Police chased him, expert report says

“During the truck test, a Rhythm hatThe report states that the suspect was shot with a .380 caliber rifle and was subjected to a ballistic test. He was shot “at close range”.

The person sitting in the passenger seat told investigators that they had been drinking and that municipal police officers had ordered the vehicle to be stopped while they were driving. Ohana sped off the truck to avoid being arrested.

The announcer, who was not named in the statement, added. At one point during the attempt, the driver pulled the gun out of the truck’s glove box in his right hand. “As we followed, the car collided with various vehicles,” he said while driving to the left.

A municipal police officer who was traveling in the official unit that was chasing the truck said that after the crash, he and his accomplice approached the unit and saw a person. An injury to the right side of the head.

Okana “He was still alive, holding a gun in his right hand; According to the protocol, the weapon was taken from the driver and then placed in proper custody by the Ministry of Public Works, ”the case statement added.

The actor died while being transferred to hospital for medical treatment.

Allegedly in favor of alcohol and marijuana in Ohana’s toxicology test

According to the report, a toxicology report was made on the deceased person Alcohol was determined positively, “With ethanol above the cut-off point (80mg / ml) at a concentration of 143 / mg / dl”.

“During a search of the truck, three empty beer cans were found, as well as an empty glass bottle labeled” Jose Guerrero tradition, “the prosecution said in a statement.