Exodus Rise To The Top For Vancouver Metal Fans


Rickshaw Theatre
Vancouver, BC
August 17, 2010

By: Charlene Tupper

On this scorching summer night, “The March of Brutality” has hit Vancouver, BC with full force. Exodus has returned to one of their favourite Canadian cities to perform for. They have made a triumphant return with Holy Grail, and Bonded By Blood. Unfortunately this evening, due to immigrations and working visas, Malevolent Creation did not perform, however, to take their place, were local bands Titan’s Eve and Auroch. Tonight was a night full of old school Thrashers, along with some new faces to metal.

Melody and Epic Harmonies begin, Auroch hit’s the stage with friends and fans raising their horns high. This Death/Thrash metal band formed in 2008, releasing a new full length album called “Stranger Eons” and collaborating on a split disc with Ancient Obliteration, with both bands doing a cover song. Auroch chose Morbid Angel’s “Chapel of Ghouls”. Speaking of Morbid Angel, fans who are into Morbid Angel, Death, and numerous others along this line, would highly enjoy Auroch’s  performance tonight. They played with a lot of clarity and powerful amount of energy, causing fans to constantly mosh and head bang with metal pumping through their veins. The next act of the night, was again, Vancouver’s own, Titan’s Eve. They had their fans standing strong against the barrier, thrashing amongst one another, and screaming the words back to the guys. This 4 piece group came together in 2008 by brothers, Brian(vocals/guitars) and Kyle(guitar/vocals) Gamblin. Not long after, Casey(drums) and Jesse(bass) joined the line-up and created an EP, “Into the Fire”. Not long after, a full length CD was released called “The Divine Equal”. Their performance was extremely strong, and energetic. The last song, Brian got the crowd cheering him on to chug a beer, and its my pleasure to say, he successfully chugged a full beer, and finished their set with a song packed with heavy riffs, strong drum beats, and vocals to captivate the audience.

California’s Bonded By Blood, was the next act of the night. Does the name sound familiar? Well, hopefully everyone in the audience recognized the key factor in this band’s name. Their name stems from the debut album, “Bonded by Blood”, done by none other than, Exodus. Bonded by Blood just recently brought out a new album this month titled “Exiled to Earth”. This “Psychotic Pulse” of Thrash metal filled the air with guitar riffs to blow your mind, drum beats to make your heart skip a beat, and vocals to burst your ear drums. These 5 guys from Pomona, California definitely have thrash metal rushing through their veins. They put on a phenomenal performance.  While passing through Pomona, why not make a stop and listen to Pasadena’s own, Holy Grail. They “Fight to Kill”, they conquer metal with clean vocals and traditional heavy metal influenced by Britain and American Speed Metal, and don’t forget, some Thrash from the 80’s. Holy Grail was one of the most captivating acts this evening, jumping around stage, head banging and throwing free t-shirts to their adoring fans. They were the “Immortal Man”, the band who could not be stopped. Their performance was energetic and astounding.

“Exhibit B-The Human Condition”, these Bay area thrashers, definitely know a thing or two about their audiences condition at this point. The venue was extremely warm, with old school thrashers ready to rock out to the final exhibit of the night, Exodus. These thrashers have been around for 30 years, and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon. The Rickshaw was packed with fans from older, to young adults all wearing Exodus shirts proudly, and all chanting for Exodus to walk on stage. The band entered and the crowd literally went wild with horns high, people pushing to get to the barrier, and of course, no thrash show is complete without heavy moshing. Exodus had their fans in the palms of their hands, making the audience give the finger, chant “Hey” constantly, and do “wall of deaths” numerous times but, the fans never complained.

Halfway through the set, 3 Inches of Blood’s singer, Cam Pipes joined Exodus onstage and helped Rob(vocals) sing for part of the song. The overall execution of Exodus was breath taking. It was filled with a variety of songs from their older material, while still playing their newer material, including their latest album “Exhibit B-The Human Condition”. The power and energy the band had, was amazing to see, especially with a venue filled to near capacity, jammed into a small space in over 30 degree weather. Just goes to show you, no matter what kind of conditions you put metal into, Heavy metal shall prevail and triumph overall.

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