September 29, 2022

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Evidence of “acts of aggression” in AILA exposes security vulnerabilities

The runway of Los America International Airport (AILA) was “turned off” after a few people last Sunday at 7:10 p.m. Facilities will be infiltrated and power cables will be stolen It powers the lights.

Republican Vice President Raquel Pena warned Monday that investigations by special forces in airport security and civil aviation (SEZAC) have shown that. Runway lights were out of service due to an “act of carelessness”.

“Criminals have infiltrated the perimeter,” They cut the wires that power the runway lights and lay them in the area“, He said through his Twitter account.

This action caused a fire in all the wiring, resulting in a “Shot on the computer”, According to information provided by the AILA Security Organization.

Consequences? The Stroke for more than an hour (some sources indicate there were four) Diversion of about five flights from the airport, Europe, USA and Puerto Rico, as well Delays and cancellations of departing flights.

At 10:11 p.m., three hours after the event, they activated the emergency lighting system and reopened the runway, which provided “relief” to passengers and officials.

However, It didn’t come out as the only “incident” Caused by individuals infiltrating AILA.

Man “Snack” in landing gear

On August 15, 2017, Dominican Xiaomi Santos, 26, entered the restricted cargo area of ​​the AILA terminal in the early hours of the morning and From there he flew illegally to Miami, Florida.

He told Dominican migration officials, “He took advantage of the lack of awareness from the authorities to get the plane into landing gear.”

Upon arrival at the Miami airport, he was arrested by U.S. federal authorities for allegedly trying to enter the country with a false Jamaican passport, causing the service inspector at the immigration box to “give a warning”.

According to Chesapeake, Santos had violated security restrictions on access to the aircraft And boarded an American Airlines flight.

“Red BMW on track”

On February 28, one of the most recent violations of airport security protocol occurred.

Levestian Masikal Lalumiev from Canada enters the AILA runway in his red BMW After violating access control via vehicle and pedestrian entry gate S13B.

Man A metal mesh door broke at one of the terminal entrances, This led to the implementation of a safety protocol for emergencies of acts of illegal interference.

Airports Dominicanos Cyclo XXI (Aerodrome) pointed out to the citizen that there was “no sign” at the time of his arrest.

Reports of attacks

In January 2018, the Army and Police Commission (Camipol) announced measures to strengthen airport security as part of the “Safe Easter” program. Complaints related to attacks on tourists.

Stealing belongings and luggage This is one of the issues affecting users consuming airport services.

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