September 29, 2022

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Evergreen cargo ship stranded in Suez Canal for about a week | Univision Mundo News

The Evergreen, a huge cargo ship that had been stuck in the Suez Canal for almost a week and had disrupted the commercial traffic passing through it today It was evicted from one of the banks and partially converted, After several hours of excavation and excavation work, officials announced.

The 400-meter-long ship’s traffic jam on this important route for world trade has affected at least 367 ships, carrying oil and livestock, still waiting to pass through the canal, while dozens of others sailed around the Cape of Good Hope, the southern tip of Africa.

The partial release of the ship came after great efforts to move the ship 10 duckboats using high waves, Raised the water level in the canal And hopes of making a breakthrough, explained a company called Let Agencies that serve the canal.

The ships tried to move the Japanese-owned Evergreen and Panamanian flag, while the ship continued to dig into the bottom, according to Bernhard Schultz Management, which manages the ship.

At night, several trenches cleared 27,000 cubic meters of soil and sand around the ship.

L was always given 80% modified “in the right direction”Osama Robbie, president of the management company for the SCA channel, announced in a statement.

“The severity of the ship moved 102 meters from the shore, which was only four meters before that,” Robbie said.

As the water level rose overnight, the time it took to dig millions of tons of earth around Evergreen paid off The ship slowly reached the float again, According to officials.

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“At 11:30 a.m. local time, when the water level rises again, the maneuvers to change it will start again,” the admiral explained, adding that by that time the water level would have risen sufficiently. “In the middle of the road.”

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Monday congratulated himself on the successful conclusion of the operation.

“Today, the Egyptians ended the shipwreck on the Suez Canal, despite the major technical issues of the process,” the president tweeted Monday.

Three days to resume sea transport through the canal

Images on social media showed the group Duckboats celebrating success In the hours before sunrise.

Maritime Traffic Monitoring Sites Weaselfinder And MyShipTocking They also reflected that more than 200,000 tons of the ship had moved off the west coast this Monday, which was confirmed by a source cited by the AFP agency.

In a tweet, Let Agencies, a Suez Canal service provider, said, “Further confirmations and updates from SCA are pending.” The predictions that the #EVERGIVEN look will be completely re-floated are promising. Ships currently waiting in the #Suyaskanal area are watching for updates Possible traffic view“.

However, it took “three and a half days” to clear traffic on the Suez Canal, officials told local television after the ship ran across.

According to Admiral Osama Rabbi, “the channel will be operational 24 hours after the ship is transferred.” The Egyptian official told Sada al-Balat that it would take about three and a half days for all the waiting ships to “cross the channel”, without specifying when the incident would end.

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Although the ship may be damaged in its current state, Shower Kitchen Kaisha Limited, the company that owns Ever Given, underestimated those concerns, noting that the ship’s engine was operational on Monday and could normally complete its course when free.