September 29, 2022

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Even Donald Trump can’t control the monster he created (analysis)

(CNN) – In the middle of Donald Trump’s speech in Alabama on Saturday night, something remarkable happened.

When Trump told the crowd he “recommended” getting the Govt-19 vaccine, people started fighting. Check it out here.

Absolutely incredible.

This is it he Frankenstein monster Comes true in 2021. Trump has formed a group of supporters.

Think about how we got there on Saturday night.

Trump told his disciples his entire presidency and said everything except him was a lie. He said it in his 2018 speech.

“Stay with us”, Then said. “Don’t believe the trash that these people see, fake news (…). What you see and what you read is not happening.”

The message was simple: doubt everything. From the small facts to the big ones, including whether President Joe Biden won a fair majority in the 2020 election.

The elites are always lying to you, they are always trying to earn money or fame or power at your expense, and according to Trump, the only way to protect yourself is to reject everything they do or believe.

But look, the problem with cultivating and cultivating those lies, the big lies (about elections) and all the rest, is that hopelessness takes its own life. The government and the media have no ability or inclination to differentiate between people who say everything they say is a lie. If the government and the media lie about the 2020 election (page note: they did not) then what will they not lie about?

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That mentality is what drives people to get vaccinated, which will prevent more than 90% of serious illnesses and deaths from an epidemic that has already killed more than 628,000 Americans. To do this in a state with the fourth highest rate of 100,000 deaths per 100,000 cases worldwide and the fifth highest death toll per 100,000, According to the newspaper The New York Times.

The worst thing is that Trump has zero interest in trying to control the creature he created. Look at what he said about vaccines, before and after putting:

“I fully believe in your freedom, I do. But you have to do what you have to do, but I recommend, get the shots. I did. That’s good. Get the shots, but to them … [ABUCHEO] … not comfortable. That’s okay. They have freedom. But I was vaccinated. If that doesn’t work, they’ll find out first, OK. I called Alabama and said, ‘Hey, what do you know?’ But it works. But you have freedom. You have to maintain it, you have to maintain it. You have to maintain it. “

So, this is what happens:

  1. Trump says I recommend getting vaccinated
  2. They beat him
  3. Underestimating his personal decision to vaccinate, he says “they have freedom” (“I was vaccinated”)
  4. He raises the question of whether the vaccine will work, and then reiterates that people should “keep” their freedom.

What this shows is that Trump is trying to control as much as he can, whether he tries to control it or not. He likes to hear applause and applause, not booze. So, instead of telling your people the harsh truth they need to hear: the only way to escape hell for the past 18 months is to reduce your own decision to get vaccinated and let people know you are on the side. Your … liberties.

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Saturday night was the logical conclusion to the work Trump created. The monster that Trump built is no longer always focused on him. It has grown beyond your ability to control it.