June 30, 2022

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Evelyn Peltron: How she reacted to Tony Costa’s statements about Adamari Lopez | United States Celebrities nnda nnlt | Fame

From Tony Costa Joined the second season ofHome of celebrities“It has generated a lot of discussion in the media and on social media. Most of the topics that aroused interest had nothing to do with his performance on the reality show, but his confessions about his personal life outside the show, including his girlfriend. Evelyn Beltron And to Adamari Lopez.

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Recently, the Spanish dancer revealed many details about his relationship with his daughter’s mother Adamari Lopez to his associates and the public. She is a well-known Puerto Rican actress and host of the show “Hoi Thea”.

On one occasion, before entering the reality show, he claimed to have received Threats From some followers of his former partner, he promised to do everything possible to get rid of him. On another occasion, he wished Adamari a happy birthday.

Based on these reports, some team members revealed that he appears again and again in the stories of the 38-year-old Spaniard.

I stuck with that 24/7, Tony Costa talks more about Adamari Lopez than his girlfriend”, As promised by Alex Asby on his show last Tuesday”.

Her partner, Giselle Blondet, agreed. “I was already up to the crown”Uses Adamari as the topic of conversation. Still others commented that he still seems to love the actress.

These comments caught the attention of Tony Costa’s current girlfriend, who talked about it.

Evelyn Peltron’s reaction

Model and influencer has supported Tony Costa since his entry in “The House of Celebrities 2”, inviting his followers to vote to stay on the reality show. Evelyn is not intimidated by the comments of team members when she sees how much she loves and how safe she is in her relationship.

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You do not need to mention my name to know how much you love me. Our labels make me fall in loveHe wrote a story on his Instagram account.

Undoubtedly, Tony Costa has a girlfriend who trusts him very much and protects him from the opinions of others.

Memories of when they were together

In addition to the support she showed, in the early hours of May 29, she shared through the same media that she found a good memory that made her lose her boyfriend.

Have you ever found a video on your mobile that your partner accidentally recorded for you? Didn’t you see it several months later? He wrote about the picture he showed on his cell phone. “Today, as usual at dawn I started watching videos to remember all the moments I lived with my Antonio and Wam, I get the video when I was planning my birthday party, it says so many wonderful and special things.”.

Likewise, when he missed him so much, he said he was always there and added hashtags.Your love is so special“Y”Soul mate”.

Screenshot (Photo: Evelyn Beltron / Instagram)

Tony Costa starts to cry

Providers though ““It was said at the time that he would talk a lot about Adamari, but it is true that he would usually talk about Evelyn as well. A few weeks ago she told her friends how she had won herself over. Also, on March 27, she was the reason for his tears.

When a co-worker asked him if he was going to take Evelyn back when he returned, the dancer burst into tears before he could answer, showing how much he misses her.

What will Tony Costa do with the award for “The House of Famous 2”?

Famous house It is also one of the most gifted reality shows on Latin TV, so many figures believe that they will win the competition and get $ 200 thousand.

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