November 28, 2022

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ESPN was about to suspend Fidelsen for this case, the analyst reveals how he responded to them


David Fidelson Y Francisco ‘Paco’ Gabriel de Anda In 2019 ‘Fútbol Picante’ had a strong case in full broadcast Argentina defeated Mexico With triplet Lottaro Martinez And and how much Leandro Paradise.

Fidelsen calls the gold cup ‘junk’, to which Mistership responded

That friendly match marks the first defeat of the era.Aya Martino In the pre-‘Dry ‘and popular ESPN program, anger erupted between the two analysts.

In an interview for the YouTube channel Javier Alarcon, David Fidelson He recalled that controversial episode with his colleague and admitted that ESPN threatened to suspend him for all that was said in the air.

“I had a disagreement with Paco Gabriel de Anda, and it was hard and difficult because I feel he didn’t understand that talking in the studio would be right there outside the studio,” he began. Fidelson.

“Maybe I’ve gone too far when he’s been the manager of Chivas. Sometimes I’m said I’m ashamed to be his partner at ESPN, but I’m going to take that one step further to admit that. Wrong.” ‘, Add.

Fidelson reveals why he turned down a good opportunity to go to TUDN

When to go into more details of that discussion that went viral on social websites, when Fidelson Accused Paco Gabriel Going to a show “drunk like his brother” D you “You are the inventor,” he said. David He acknowledges that the need to create controversy on television sometimes exceeds the limit.

They are going to suspend him from ESPN

That short hair violated the guidelines tolerated by the ESPN and threatened high command Fidelson He will be suspended, but he replied that he could resign.

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The ‘dog’ goes to Bermudas and throws a dart for Fidelsen

“I’m not hostile to anyone, in the end it creates controversies, conflicts, enemies, but nothing happens, it’s just a part of the work and the interest,” he explained.

“Sometimes the need to create controversy leads you to many problems. I’m going to tell you what happened in that Paco de Anda song. The problem escalated to a point where ESPN told me: ‘You will be suspended.’ I was not suspended anywhere, which is why I made it clear to them: if they suspend me, I will go. Because, for me, being suspended is more humiliating than any insult done on television, ”he revealed.