December 1, 2022

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Entrepreneur linked to fake corona virus vaccines in Mexico, D.R.

A Pakistani businessman has also set up companies in the Dominican Republic in connection with more than 5,000 fake vaccines against the corona virus seized at an airport in Mexico.

Mohamed Youssef Amtani Bailey, an entrepreneur recently linked to what appeared to be Spotnik V vaccines used for his employees at his factory in Campeche, Mexico, was classified as one of the richest in Central America by at least eight companies, including the Dominican Republic, according to Forbes magazine in 2014.

According to various Mexican media reports, Amtani Boy is an entrepreneur dedicated to the textile industry, the leader of Grupo Karim and also has investments in the real estate sector.

Grubo Carims is headquartered in San Pedro Sula, an international company located in the Aldia Business Technology Park and dedicated to the real estate and textile sectors.

Even during epidemics, through Kareem’s Textile & Apparel MacVillado, the businessman donated items such as masks and masks to Campeche, where he vaccinated his staff with fake vaccines.

He is best known in the Aztecs for his connections with politicians from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the National Action Party (PAN), as wealth is distributed among companies located in five countries, including Mexico.

Due to his closeness with the current President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernandez, he immigrated to this country, where he arrived in 1990.

In Mexico, Campeche is the center of his main activities and friendships, and because of his political affiliations with the governor of this region, he was immediately linked to the fake vaccines seized, according to the Mexican media.

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In the Dominican Republic, it is not yet known if the businessman made any donations.