Enthroned Brought Satanic Carnage To Vancouver


EnthronedEnthroned/Destroyer 666
The Rickshaw Theatre
Vancouver BC
August 20, 2010

By: Charlene Tupper

The Pentagrammation Tour of 2010 has struck Vancouver with the deepest, most darkest tour this busy concert week has brought us. The black metallers, Enthroned is playing Vancouver for the first time, while Destroyer 666 gets full co-headliner for the first time here in North America. This tour brought range of death metal to extreme black metal from Belgium. The other bands were Pathology, Fetus Grinder, and Burstfire. The “Unconscious Minds” of the fans did create some issues, but first, let’s start this off with information and details of the band’s performances.

The first two bands of the evening were two local bands called Burstfire and Fetus Grinder. Burstfire was first to play, with 4 guys from Vancouver forming the band in 2008. They play death metal themed around death and desecration. The performance was quite entertaining and high energy band that moved constantly onstage. Alongside, was Fetus Grinder, a 3-piece band that sings about torture, abortion, and all things gore. They did an alright performance, personally, the band wasn’t quite up to par in the realms of a death metal band. It gave off the vibe of a “Cannibal Corpse imitation” band, which, they are great, but we do only need one Cannibal Corpse in the world. The lyrical themes, even the musical components were identical in numerous ways. With that being said, the band did perform well.

Pathology was the next band to walk on stage. Having banner stands on both sides of the stage, advertising their most recent album, “Legacy of the Ancients”. This California brutal death metal band formed in 2006, containing members of numerous other death metal bands that are also highly popular within the death metal scene. These 4 guys have an amazing chemistry, as a band, and put on a really tight show for the fans. Their sound was phenomenal, musically well composed, and the vocals were definitely straight up death metal. However, if you aren’t the biggest fan of heavy death metal, the vocals may grow tiresome after a song or two, but then again, most metal heads aren’t “metal heads” without some love for classic death metal. Pathology put on an amazing set, and we shall be seeing more of them here in the Northwest this coming fall.

The next band to walk on stage is “Australian and Anti-Christ”, Destroyer 666 walked on stage with gauntlets, leather, and ready to blast your ear drums with pure blackened thrash metal from the land down under. These guys definitely gave a large amount of stage presence with stage gear and enthusiasm towards their own performance. They formed the band in 1994 and started as a solo project called “KK Warslut”, later the band members were founded in Europe and the UK, and formed Destroyer 666. It was time to “Unchain the wolves” and set them loose in Vancouver. This is the first full US tour for the guys, and they definitely made an impact on Vancouver. They had a crystal clear performance, vocals were pure thrash and musically full out black metal, with of course a hint of thrash in the mix. These guys put on a phenomenal performance, with an experience to remember.

Now, it is time to listen to “Tales from a Blackened Horde”, it is time for Enthroned to hit the stage. This is the first time Enthroned has been on Canadian soil, and it has also been 9 years since Enthroned has been to North America at all. The band had some line up changes, and some band issues to resolve, but, now it has been taken care of. Also, sadly due to Visa issues, Enthroned missed their first two shows of the tour, due to label visa requests being too late, but thankfully for Vancouver, Enthroned made it, and they performed like you would never believe. If you aren’t an extreme black metal fan, these guys definitely made an impression. Gauntlets up their arms, big black boots, leather everywhere, and most important, black metal corpse paint covering their entire face.

These guys from Belgium put on an amazing set filled with dark lyrics, deep growls and satanic screams, while musically this band had all the elements of a black metal band. The guitars were heavy and rough, drum beats were so fast, it blew you away, and bass so heavy, you feel your chest rattle. Their performance was far beyond any expectations, however, the crowd during their set, wasn’t all that great. Fans moshing and hitting one another violently, and causing serious head injuries to one another for no reason what so ever. This is very unusual for a metal crowd, maybe too much alcohol consumption, or clash of people in one room, either way, it was very unsettling. This being said, don’t let this fool you, Black metal is not evil, and doesn’t cause violent behaviour, after all, the band was very nice, and extremely warm and welcoming to meet fans. It was simply the people, and their personality issues that cause this violent behaviour at shows, so please, don’t blame the music for these erratic actions. This show was a phenomenal show, filled with "Carnage in the Worlds Beyond."

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