July 6, 2022

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Emiliano Jurita reveals advice given to her by her mother Christian Bach before she died

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Christian Bach He died on February 26, 2019 at the age of 59, so his departure was a major blow to life. Humberto Surida and his sons, Emiliano and Sebastian Jurida.

Although the family has always been very tight about the cause of the actress’ death, they have revealed that they will keep the life of the married person private and will not create a bioseries.

Recently, Juridas Jr. opened his heart and revealed in an interview how he enjoyed his fight. Maria Patricia Castaneda. The actor commented that he constantly remembers what made his mother proud and now that he is not with her he is trying to do things that will make her happy.

For me, the most important thing is to continue to do what makes me happy, and I understand that it is the most important thing, because that’s what my mom wanted. It was so much fun to watch when we had acting or when we provided … The pride we have created for her is that we are following our dreams … She sees that she has done a good job.

As well asEmiliano JuridaHe commented that he was leading his artistic career because of the advice given by Christian Bach before he died: a saying my mother always says in this life You have to be like an elephant, have big feet, sit well on the ground and have thick skin so that people’s opinions do not affect you.There is no such thing as good or bad … it’s one of a thousand things, and I’ll say it since I was a child … “, said the translator.

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In conclusion, the young man said he was close to his father’s side. Humberto Jurida and his brother Sebastian Jurita have regained their nerves and are happy.