November 30, 2022

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Elections 2021 Mario Vargas Losa: Francisco Chagasti “Ms Fujimori never tried to influence me to accept the election results” | Keiko Fujimori nndc | Politics

2010 Nobel Prize in Literature Mario Vargas Losa, Promised this Sunday that he would address the President this Sunday Francisco Chagasti, The president did not “try to influence” Fursa to ask the popular presidential candidate. Keiko Fujimori, Accept the outcome of the second round of the 2021 general election.

View: Francisco Sagasti confirmed that Vargas had contacted Losa in an effort to maintain “peace and quiet.”

The novelist pointed out that the relationship with the head of state was “good” and functionalVery carefully“Avoid creating pressure on”Intermediaries“Who contacted the two presidential candidates last Wednesday, June 6, to call for peace after the election.

I have spoken with the President and I must tell him that the President is not trying to influence me, so I will ask Ms. Fujimori to accept the election result. He proposed that we should intervene with two candidates to pacify the current climate. I was in favor of Mrs. Fujimori, which is why I could not interfere with her enemy. The nature of this conversation was personal.”, He canal n.

Immediately there was a good conversation and I was told that no one could comment on the exclusive powers of JNE, which is the company that will determine the winner. The president very wisely avoided putting pressure on intermediaries to act in any way. In a way I am violating by expressing a personal conversation“, He pointed out.

(Video: Canal N)

At another point, Vargas Losa considered the use of the word fraud “too dangerous” and said he believed the term “should not be used around the electoral process until JNE says so”.

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If the votes are real, if at all, good times, but if it is the result of manipulating the minutes, it will not matter. The only authority that can rule in this matter is the JNE. Until JNE completes its mission, it is not possible to talk about a winner in any way because it is necessary to see if there was fraud. While judging him, J.N.E.”, He declared.

JNE should rule in this matter and justify or not justify the word fraud This is very dangerous because it involves manipulation to change the popular option, until JNE says the word should not be usedHe added.

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