September 30, 2022

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El Salvador loses to Qatar and is eliminated from the Gold Cup

The dream of making El Salvador history is gone. A disastrous start that left their people dreaming of following David against Goliath in the fight against Mexico, which ended ‘Selekta’ ’s hopes, was eliminated after a 3-2 defeat against Qatar this Saturday.

The beginnings of those led by Hugo Perez could not be worse. 2 minutes later, Almos Ali surprised the Central Americans, got the ball into the area and defined it in a good way before Mario Gonzalez left.

When Felix Sanchez’s players hit back, they did not digest the rooms that hosted the next World Cup. Aptologis Hadif took a powerful shot from outside the area, which embedded itself in the nets.

Controversy and the Salvador Reaction

In the second half, the start was again a disaster for Central Americans, although this time a controversial move. Fernando Hernandez has been fined for allegedly handcuffing an Asian team.

But nonetheless, Cascutlegos reacted and they were able to get back into the match in two minutes from the hands of Joaquin Rivas.. Failure was already minimal, so they were overturned at the last minute. Unfortunately in the end it did not reach them.

Now, Qatar awaits winner of US-Jamaica match this Sunday This will close the process of qualifying for the quarterfinals of the Gold Cup, in which the Greg Berholder-led will start as favorites.

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