September 29, 2022

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El Salvador defeats Trinidad and Tobago to advance to next round of Gold Cup

On Wednesday afternoon, the El Salvador football team lost 0-2 to Trinidad and Tobago in the second match of the 2021 Gold Cup group stage. The operations took place at the Toyota Stadium in Texas, and since this victory, Hugo Perez has been established as the sole leader of Team A.

Zairo Henriques, who scored the first goal of the match He took a ball towards his back goal and out of the area in the 30th minute and fired it back with the right goal, which left goalkeeper Nicholas Frender with no chances. This is how the Central American team advanced on the scoreboard.

Trinidad and Tobago adjusted their plan in the fill area, and they were very close to building the game on at least four occasions, but they were not exactly in the frame, which had a lot of influence. In addition, they were injured Tristan Hodge Early in the game and this significant loss kept them in midfield.

Finally, in the 90th minute, ‘Walmer Martinez put the final 0-2 in a lucky play, Since there was a shot before, the ball walked along the entire chalk line without going to the bottom of the nets. Then and after a series of restarts, Martinez pushed the ball past La Celecta to win.

When will El Salvador play again?

The next and final group stage match in the Gold Cup for Selekta will face Mexico on Sunday, July 18 at the Cotton Bowl. What happens in that fight will no longer affect La Selecta because the next round thanks to the next two wins is already categorized.

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