December 1, 2022

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Egan Bernal; The cyclist’s father talks about his health – cycling – sports

German Bernal, Father of a Colombian cyclist Egan Bernal, Last Monday, he gave a quiet part about the health of his son who was involved in a serious accident on a road in Kachansiba (Chandinamarka).

According to his team, Egan suffered “spinal fractures, right femur fractures, right patella fractures, chest trauma, perforated lungs and multiple fractured ribs.”

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Report on the health of Egan Bernal’s father

In a conversation with EL TIEMPO, over the phone, the cyclist’s father said that after two surgeries, Egan had grown well, one to repair his femur and Patella’s fracture, and the other to fight back accident-related spinal problems.

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At the beginning of the speech, which lasted for a while, he said in a slow voice, “I have seen him a little better.

Engan’s father, who is still recovering at the Sabana Clinic, said, “Because he was talking a little, I exchanged a few words with him.

German Bernal is calm and pointed out that the news he has received from doctors over the past few hours is reassuring to them.

He said we were quiet in the middle of everything because his health was better than the last few days.

Egan’s father’s phrase boosts his mother’s flor Marina Bernal’s confidence, as he previously expressed himself in an Instagram story in which he showed pictures of a cyclist’s childhood.

“My happiness is comparable to what I felt 25 years ago because I felt my son was born again,” he wrote.

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What the latest medical section said

According to the most recent medical report from the Sabana University Clinic, “The treatment plan focuses on pain management and new diagnostic control images, which confirm the optimal outcome of spinal surgery.

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“Similarly, we have begun nutrition support along with the intervention of our rehab service,” the document adds.