December 10, 2022

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Duan Vergara’s luxury video in Mexico causes fights in Monterrey vs Toluca | Colombians abroad

Monterrey was trapped in the Liga MX and defeated Tolu 2-0 in a hot battle played on Wednesday 22 September. The Colombians, as usual, were the protagonists of the main crowd. Stephen Medina and Duan Vergara played with the lines; Philip Bardot was on the alternate bench of the Red Devils.

When the game was played in the last minute, Vergara, who entered the second half, made a luxury that Touca defender Royal Lopez did not like, after the former America de Gaulle controlled the front change of ‘Taco’. . Lopez searched for the Colombian and knocked him down, thus creating a heated debate for a few seconds before the referee blew the whistle.

Pictures show that Burdo, who was in Perga, entered the field with the intention of avoiding a meeting between Vergara and Toluca players, but ended up pushing his comrade who caused the reaction of other Riotos players like Maxi Mesa. Who went to meet him.

As a result, the referee advised Colombia to invade from Toluca, as well as Rubens Sambueza and Raul Lopez.

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