Drive Angry 3D: Blu-Ray Review

Drive Angry 3d Blu Ray

Nicolas Cage has been a bad guy, but he’s never been a bad ass – until Drive Angry that is. The Hollywood superstar, best known for his slow, soft-spoken demeanour, threw that image out the window and went for full speed in the 3D car chase flick that can’t be missed.
He stars as the undead felon, Milton, who breaks out of Hell to even the score with killers who murdered his daughter and kidnapped her baby. The film also stars Amber Heard (The Stepfather, Never Back Down), William Fichtner (TV’s “Entourage”), Billy Burke (The Twilight Saga), David Morse (Disturbia) and Tom Atkins (My Bloody Valentine). Cage hops in a turbo-charged ’69 Dodge Charger with Heard and they head across the country to rescue his infant granddaughter from the bloodthirsty cult intent on sacrificing her under the next full moon. William Fichtner, who plays The Accountant, follows Cage the entire trip so he can bring him back to Hell.
Cage rocks as a bad ass. Although not the bad guy, he has more attitude than most film bad guys. Heard is super sexy in what could be described her breakout role, although Zombieland could take that nod as well. Guys out there are waiting to see how Heard does with her new NBC television show The Playboy Club which debuts this fall.
Fichtner, however, is the real star of the film. His comedic timing and unrelenting character traits were more interesting than Cage’s bad attitude and even Heard’s legs. The Accountant makes the film go beyond being a basic car chase flick – even in the end, when he decides to let the action continue, just to see the outcome.
Directed and co-written by Patrick Lussier (The Eye) and Todd Farmer (The Messengers), the filmmakers responsible for the skin-crawling My Bloody Valentine return to their action-thriller roots in Drive Angry with epic car chases and strong, violent fight sequences.
The 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD contain bonus content that includes audio commentary with the filmmaker duo, deleted scenes and the “Milton’s Mayhem” feature where viewers can track Milton’s trail of carnage throughout the film. Exclusive to the Blu-ray release is the special feature “Access: Drive Angry” that allows viewers to activate dynamic “scene-specific” features including interviews with cast and filmmakers.