Dream Theater Leave Philadelphia In A Monumental Daydream

Dream Theatre

Dream Theater
Merriam Theater
Philadelphia, Pa
October 16, 2011

Photos: Steve Trager

Since the 80's, Dream Theater is band known to produce some of the most profound epic songs ever written. The craftsmanship behind these songs is like a monumental daydream of endless time travel through music which has always been Dream Theater’s signature sound – distinguishing them as one of rock’s brilliant bands’ who can just pull out every trick in a book.

I can recall my first time ever seeing Dream Theater when they released “Images and Words “ with James LaBrie in the fold. I was impressed then, and now, more than twenty years later, Dream Theater is still a great band.

Living on the east coast I have had the pleasure of seeing the band live many times and it's still hard to put your finger on the a word that best describes them as a whole. Is it the live stage production, or is it the melodic music that over throws you in every direction that you just gaze at the stage? Either way, tonight was the best performance I have seen in years.

Each set list is a stellar heap of music that captures the heart and soul of this band as live touring act.  Continuing with the band's tradition of being close to the fans by performing in small intimate venues just like the Merriam Theater (which holds a mere 1600 in a tight surrounding), it's a thrill to be as close, if not actually on stage, to play air guitar with John Petrucci, who works his fingers up and down the guitar during some amazing solos.

It's impossible to pre-guess what the two hour set list might be because it's never the same, and there are always numerous songs that they could play, but don’t. They kicked this show off with a ripping version of Bridges In The Sky.

The fifteen songs left me in an amazement, just gazing at the stage. As if that wasn’t enough for your hard earn dollars, thirty five minutes into the set Mike Mangini rolled out the famous drum solo as the man at the top of the hour, certainly a great way to welcome the new guy into the fold. This guy can kill it on drums and his facial expressions are priceless.

While we enjoy all those great heavy hitters that Dream Theater have been known to perform live, they have taken it one step further by going acoustic for The Silent Man and Beneath The Surface.

A nice blend of stellar music on a whole new level for Dream Theater which is a lasting impression in the live setting to it’s fullest degree. Truly a great show that was worth every dollar.

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