Down With Webster Gets Up and Down With Vancouver Fans

Down With WebsterDown With Webster

Vogue Theatre
Vancouver, BC
February25, 2011
Concert Photos
by Andrew Chin

If there’s one thing anyone needs to know about a Down With Webster show is that you have to be prepared to get down… and then up and down and up and down… In Vancouver this week, the energy was infectious and the audience bounced with their hands up in the air in the shape of giant W’s all night long as the band tore through a powerful set at The Vogue Theatre.

The seven-member band is one of Canada’s hottest commodities, with plenty of hits and accolades – even Gene Simmons and Timbaland made failed pitches to manage the act, but DWW went ahead with their own plan. And judging by the audience, it was a good choice.

The mostly early 20’s and under crowd reacted well to Martin “Bucky” Seja’s raps as the sweaty vocalist owned the crowd whenever he opened his mouth. His voice leads the DWW hits Rich Girl$, Your Man and Whoa Is Me. Andrew "Marty" Martino pulled off a six minute drum solo under dark lights and Cameron "Cam" Hunter kept repeating “You guys are facking crazy.”

What makes DWW so original and appealing is that they combine the best elements of rock, rap and even metal into their music. The combination makes for a truly original and exciting blend – much like the most expensive blend from Starbucks.

The band ended the set with their last hit Whoa Is Me complete with a DWW flag waving proudly. It couldn’t have ended more appropriately as the audience left the Commodore with smiles of satisfaction. Watch DWW as they end their cross-Canada Canadian trek in Toronto on March 27 and then head off to Europe.